Autumn Programme: Events at a Glance

We’re pleased to be launching our Autumn programme of events! All of our events take place online, whilst some of our exhibitions take place in the Library building. Our programme includes story cafés, reading groups, dramatic performances, creative writing workshops and much more! Watch this video to get a taste of what’s coming up…

We know that it’s helpful to know what to expect when booking on to online events so we’ve written a blog which you can find here, telling you a bit more about the booking process and how we create a friendly space online.

All our events are listed on our website under upcoming events and you can book online, phone us on 0141 550 2267 or email for more information. Below you’ll find all our events listed in date order, enjoy exploring what’s on!


Illustration of GWL's Story Cafe. Credit: Johanne Deffarges, 2020
Illustration of GWL’s Story Cafe. Credit: Johanne Deffarges, 2020

Events at a Glance


Ongoing until Friday 17th December: Collecting in the Time of Coronavirus (GWL)more info here

Thursday 29th October to Thursday 24th December: Ways of Seeing Exhibition (Online)more info here

Online Events


Thursday 24th: Story Café Special: The Animals of Lockwood Manorbook here

Thursday 24th: Reading Group for Muslim Womenbook here

Tuesday 29th September: Seeing Things: Women in Action short filmsbook here

Wednesday 30th: Making Her Mark Workshopbook here


Thursday 1st: National Poetry Day with Pauline Prior-Pitt book here

Monday 5th: Open Bookbook here

Tuesday 6th: Fiction Writing to Help Manage Chronic Painbook here

Thursday 8th: Drama Queens: In Our Own Wordsbook here

Tuesday 13th: Fiction Writing to Help Manage Chronic Painbook here

Wednesday 14th: Making Her Mark Workshop book here

Thursday 22nd: Bold Types: Editing Mistress-classbook here

Wednesday 28th: Making Her Mark Workshopbook here

Wednesday 28th: Readers of Colourbook here

Thursday 29th: ‘Ways of Seeing’ Symposium: Women and Photography in Scotland – book here

Thursday 29th: Story Café Special: Radical Womenbook here


Monday 2nd: Open Bookbook here

Wednesday 11th: Making Her Mark Workshopbook here

Wednesday 11th: Our Changing Climate: Local Women Respond book here

Thursday 12th: Story Café Special: International Crime Fictionbook here

Friday 13th November: Memory is a Weaponbook here

Thursday 19th: Bold Types: Creative Writing Showcasebook here

Wednesday 25th: Readers of Colourbook here

Thursday 26th: Story Café Special: Moose, Mosquitos and Bears…Oh Mybook here

Thursday 26th: Winter Warmer: Fiction Writing to Help Manage Chronic Painbook here


Thursday 3rd: Winter Warmer: Fiction Writing to Help Manage Chronic Painbook here

Thursday 3rd: Story Café Special: Women in the Landscape book here

Saturday 5th: Creative Writing for Fearties: Cinema Memoriesbook here

Monday 7th: Open Bookbook here

Thursday 10th: Story Café Special: Once upon a time, there was an engineer…book here

Wednesday 16th: Readers of Colourbook here


Friday 15th: Creative Writing for Fearties: Cinema Memories book here

Wednesday 27th: Readers of Colourbook here


Monday 1st: Open Bookbook here


We are currently not making printed versions of our seasonal programmes. If you would prefer a large print or audio version of our programme please do let us know by emailing us on or calling 0141 550 2267.


  • Posted 10th October, 2020 at 10:54 pm | Permalink
    Eeva Kriek-Tuovinen

    Hello there
    greetings from Amsterdam.I am reading your newsletter with interest, and I am quite impressed by your programme.
    We have in Amsterdam an oraganization for 50+ women called:
    Wijze Oude Wijven {WOUW} Wise Old Women.
    The oldest members are more than 90 years old,and still going strong.I am little yonger with,86 years.We gave a couple of groeps ,and we read different books,dealing f.i. with the Feminisme, getting older etc.And we are still active in the society with our old and rich experiences and knowledge.
    Maybe we can change greetings and keep contact on these days of corona.
    Many grettings,stay healthy and much luck with your work.
    Eeva Kriek-Tuovinen

    • Posted 14th October, 2020 at 11:58 am | Permalink

      Dear Eeva – thank you for getting in touch! I’ve passed your message on to our team to see how we may be able to connect with your group.

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