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What is Open the Door?

Never before has Scotland’s literary scene been as energised, bold, and international as it is today, and a large part of that is thanks to the brilliance of contemporary women writers. It seemed only right to celebrate this achievement of women writers with a festival of their own and so Open the Door was born in 2017.

Open the Door is unique; it is a festival that breaks down the barriers between writers and readers and generates poignant, important discussions. The title of the festival comes from Catherine Carswell’s classic work of fiction and we want to create open doors into the worlds of reading and writing through every event and conversation.


Every second year, we invite the world to Open the Door by hosting the festival entirely online. Here we have outlined our festival themes for 2020 and ways in which you can get involved.

Festival Theme

For 2020, Open the Door has a special focus on environmental and ecofeminist ideas. Women have written extensively, both factually and creatively, about the world around them and the landscapes that we shape and that have shaped us. We hope to use this festival as an opportunity to celebrate these words and highlight the importance of thinking widely about our environment and our changing world.

Festival Dates

The online festival will run from Monday 18th May to Friday 22nd May 2020.

During this week we want the online world to be abuzz with conversations around environmental issues – our 2020 festival theme – and what it is to be a woman writer and reader.

Open the Door 2020 is part of Feminist Book Fortnight.
Logo of Feminist Book Fortnight. Inital letters of organisation are used. The letters are embolded in lower case in black. A female gender symbol is seen hooked around the 'b'. The symbol is coloured purple.

Project pages