Staff, volunteers, interns and student placements share updates from projects and events at Glasgow Women’s Library

A Golden Chance

This blog is about our volunteer Saadia’s experience of being involved in the Textiles and Activism Project practically and her reflections on the project.

Stack of four New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women books on a wooden table.

Meet the Editors

One of the very well-utilised reference books at GWL is the Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women. First published in 2006, the second edition published in 2018 features nearly 200 new entries and we are delighted that next week we host an event to mark The New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women.

This Is Who We Are

This open session is a great way to inform yourself about Glasgow Women’s Library and what it is about. Anyone can come to find out more and learn about how to get involved with GWL. If you are interested, feel free to come along  to the event on the 18th of July from 6-7:30 pm […]

No precious words to say thanks to GWL

This blog post is about my experience of joining and experiencing GWL for the previous seven months. I came to Scotland from Pakistan around three years ago, but I spent most of that time at my home in Glasgow. I discovered the GWL on the internet. I learned to read and write in English from school and University, but I have learned to speak and listen in English here at GWL. People in Glasgow speak very fast!

8 book covers of books written by women in the interwar years

Out & About this Summer

The national summer programme got off to a great start in Edinburgh in June with two events: Our Create and Connect writing group, which meets in Edinburgh held a showcase event at the Scottish Poetry Library. Group members met with development worker Nadine in advance to practice and get support on performing their work, then […]

Readers of Colour x Fringe of Colour

Readers of Colour X Fringe of Colour

This Summer, we are excited to take part in Fringe of Colour, aiming to increase the access of young people of colour in Edinburgh to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Join us to see Fringe shows and enjoy reading and talking together!

Introducing Book Bunk

We’re delighted to announce that we have been selected to be a critical friend to Book Bunk, an organisation based in Nairobi.

A yellow box that has black text on it. The text highlights facts about Kathleen Collins. The full text is below.

#WomanOfTheWeek Kathleen Collins

This week’s #WomanOfTheWeek is Kathleen Collins and she was chosen and written about by GWL Volunteer Pauline.

The Library space with a poster stuck to the end of one of the bookshelves. It indicates the workshops taking place in the space. In the background you can make out some women gathered around a table.

Open the Door 2019: A Day of Inspiration and Delights

Sue Whistler shares her experience of attending the daytime session of Open the Door 2019.

A yellow background with black text detailing some of the details of Joan Ure's life. Full text is written below.

#WomanOfTheWeek Joan Ure

This week’s #WomanOfTheWeek is Joan Ure and she was chosen and written about by GWL Volunteer Annie.