Staff, volunteers, interns and student placements share updates from projects and events at Glasgow Women’s Library

A Library for Modern Bridgeton?

Whilst we have seen how the establishment of the library benefited the women of industrialising Bridgeton, how did the library modernise? In this blog post, we explore how in the face of changing economic circumstances, the library served the changing needs of Bridgeton’s population. Relative to the upheaval and influence of industrialisation in Glasgow were […]

The Library as an Arena for Self-Expression

‘The main consideration should be to help those who will help themselves; to provide part of the means by which those who desire to improve may do so; to give those who desire to rise the aids by which they may rise, to assist, but rarely or never do at all’. 1 Historian Michelle Garfield has […]

The Women of Industrialising Bridgeton

In our discourse on what it meant to be a woman during the period of industrialisation, we often find it hard to move beyond the idea of the woman in her domestic role as a wife and as a mother. Whilst this Victorian ideology of femininity undoubtedly restricted the experience of many Scottish women, it […]

Blog Series: Women’s History and Historical Fiction

Part 2: Women Spies, Accuracy, and Authenticity Hello, dear readers! My name is Carly, I’m an English literature and linguistics student from Germany and I’m currently in the library as part of a four-month student placement. When I’m not getting side-tracked by all the amazing things to be found in the GWL archive, I’m mostly […]

The Origin of the Public Library

Before we can explore the history of the Bridgeton Public Library, it is first important to understand the processes through which Carnegie granted money for the establishment of these libraries, and the wider social and cultural context in which this occurred. The history of the public library is interwoven with the growth of literacy, and […]

Carnegie’s Libraries in Scotland: The History of the Bridgeton Public Library

‘From Scotland’s heather-covered braes, In Babyhood he came, And early fixed his childish gaze, On lucre and on fame…// So skilfully he flew his kite, That wondrous was his luck; He reached for all the cash in sight; And rich investments struck; At railroads, likewise coke and coal, He took full many a fling, And […]

Toys for Survival: My journey on placement with the GWL

by Robyn McMillan “Suffering doesn’t improve people. It isn’t good for us. It isn’t intended to inspire. But in the course of it, sometimes the inessential is hacked away, and we become these shining touchstones for each other.” Aurora Levins Morales When I first applied for this role what first attracted me was the idea […]

Invite to the opening of CLC&BLG, giving details of the date (31 October 1987), time (2-7.30pm), and location (54-56 Phoenix Road) of the event.

Camden Lesbian Centre and Black Lesbian Group: Building the UK’s first lesbian centre

Put the kettle on, will you? We’ve a group of tired women here in paint-splattered overalls, all in dire need of a cuppa! In our previous blog on Camden Lesbian Centre & Black Lesbian Group (the UK’s first and only dedicated lesbian centre, FYI), we traced the collective’s early days and their search for a […]

Ingrid Pollard Exhibition: No Cover Up – A Volunteer’s Reflection

From Friday 28th May to Friday 23rd July in Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL), there was an extraordinary exhibition, No Cover Up, where artist Ingrid Pollard utilised several photographic processes in conjunction with printmaking, artist books, installation, video and audio to shed a light on the crucial Lesbian Archive held within GWL. The No cover Up […]

Book Groups Beyond Borders

Being a Librarian, it’s no surprise that I LOVE to chat about books with people when they come into the Library, but the world of Zoom does have its benefits…For the first time ever, we’ve hosted an international Book Group Meet! As part of our Literature Beyond Borders project, book lovers from our Reading Group […]