The French Revolution and Section 28

The archive at Glasgow Women’s Library holds almost the complete run of the Edinburgh Women’s Liberation Newsletter, and I am continuing to study the newsletters as part of the Research Placement section of my Gender Studies Masters at the University of Stirling. Although the newsletters are broadly similar in format over the two-decade course of […]

Catherine Morrison: A Woman’s Record of the Second World War and Beyond

My name is Rhia, and I’m currently working on my master’s degree in Gender Studies at Stirling University, and diving into the archives here at Glasgow Women’s Library. As part of a project with Glasgow Women’s Library, I’m investigating the ways ephemeral items are considered in the archives. This time I want to take a […]

Our volunteers and staff recommend…

Our most recent Book Picnic took place on Friday 20th and as usual was filled with exciting new recommendations.   The Driver’s Seat // Muriel Spark Spark paints a detailed picture of eccentric and beautiful characters, drawing attention to small details to make the characters more believable. Read this for an unexpected psychological thriller. Recommended by […]

Thank you.

Pauline reflects on a 6 month long Erasmus funded internship with Glasgow Women’s Library.

Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

The Cruel Prince is the much-anticipated maiden novel of acclaimed American young adult author Holly Black’s latest fantasy trilogy. Having read and very much enjoyed the magic and musings on morality present in Black’s previous YA works, The Cruel Prince was high on my must reads of 2018. Set in the cruel, deceptive and xenophobic […]

Dundee gets a visit from some Firebrand Women . . .

Spring may have got off to a chilly start, but that wasn’t going to stop Glasgow Women’s Library from getting our Firebrand Women Exhibition to Dundee! In partnership with GWL and Dundee Women’s Festival, Dundee Central Library hosted the Firebrand Women Exhibition from 6th March to 17th March as part of our celebration of International Women’s Day […]

Gillick case and women rights under attack

The collection of the  Scottish Abortion Campaign in Glasgow’s Women’s Library archives does not only include reports, letters and brochures, but also a great number of newspaper cuttings dedicated to women’s reproductive rights.

Photograph of one of Fiona Jack's ceramic pieces installed in the Our Red Aunt exhibition at GWL in 2018. The ceramic piece has a green and brown glaze and has names of authors inscribed into the surface. They aren't fully legible in the photograph but they inspired this blog post.

A Literary Guide to Helen Crawfurd

On the close of ‘Our Red Aunt’ by Fiona Jack we hear from student placement Laura Matheson about the literary references and inspirations of Helen Crawfurd.

Pamphlets and Postcards from New York in Elaine Burton's Album

Elaine Burton and Muriel Spark: Women’s Lives Lost or Located in Archives

My name is Rhia, and I’m currently working on my master’s degree in Gender Studies at Stirling University. As part of a project with Glasgow Women’s Library, I’m investigating some of the ephemeral items in GWL’s Archive. In this post, I want to compare available ephemeral material relating to two women’s lives – Baroness Elaine […]

Abortion in Scotland and Poland in 1980s

In a 1990 letter, Liz Armstrong wrote that the Scottish Abortion Campaign is primarily a Scottish Campaign dealing with the different problems that women had in Scotland, where the law, education system and way of providing NHS care was different to England and Wales at that time.