The Broader GWL Team

Glasgow Women’s Library’s paid Staff Team is supported by many people who make up our ‘Broader Team’, usually as volunteers.

The role of volunteers at GWL continues to be invaluable and our dedicated ‘Broader Team’ always brings a diverse range of skills and talents to the Library, ensuring it operates successfully on a day-to-day basis.

Each year, we support around 80 volunteers in our volunteering programme, each undertaking a range of tasks within GWL.  You can meet some of our current and “graduate” volunteers here.

Each individual woman donating her time to Glasgow Women’s Library brings with her unique skills and abilities that combine collectively to create a valuable and positive resource for volunteers and users alike.

Volunteers often view donating their time as a step towards building confidence, value and self-esteem and also developing new skills. The Library is able to meet these needs and offer a safe, supportive space where women of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds are encouraged to develop proficiency and ability in many areas.

Glasgow Women’s Library’s flexible approach means that time spent volunteering depends upon individual requirements and can vary from set block placements to a couple of hours a month.

Volunteers are very important to the Library and we are keen to encourage women who wish to support the Library in this way to contact us. Find out more about our volunteering programme.