Inspiring Resources: bespoke workshops, training, events and programmes delivered by Glasgow Women’s Library’s expert learning and collections teams.

‘I wish all training was like this!’

Participant in Creative Reading and Writing for Wellbeing Workshop, Autumn 2009

We have a track record of inspiring individuals, groups and organizations.

Glasgow Women’s Library is a hotbed of inspiration. Since 1991 learning and building skills and knowledge with individuals and groups has been at the heart of the Library’s work. Its learning programmes, training, activities and events are renowned for being innovative and effective with the broadest range of audiences, learners and service users.

This range of Inspiring Resources has been tried, tested and adapted in a range of settings and has been designed to make a positive impact with groups of colleagues, community and women’s groups, as an addition to existing learning programmes, in conference programmes as one off workshops and in a range of other settings.

How we can inspire you and your group.

GWL is funded to deliver many of these resources for free to organisations and individuals in our priority groups. For those groups with whom we are not currently funded to undertake work we have given a cost to enable everyone to benefit from the positive impact of our work. Please contact us to find out if you would like to discuss any of the following workshops, learning modules, activities and events.

Our Inspired palette of workshops and events is currently being revised, and more information, including costs, is available on request.

Equality In Progress: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training Sessions are designed for organisations who want to ensure their groups, resources, provision and learning programmes are attracting diverse groups of people. Who is accessing your events, services or courses and who isn’t and why? How can you ensure your provision is more and more welcoming to all members of our community and how everyone can benefit from a ‘widened access’ approach to service delivery and learning programming. Facing the fear of ‘Equalities mainstreaming’ in organisations.

Please note that this training is not currently available. We are currently seeking funding for the next stage of the project and are not able to undertake any training or consultancy during this time.

Inspired Workshops

Workshop 1

Read, Write and Grow: using texts as sources of inspiration and wellbeing for individuals, service users and groups.

Workshop Descriptor:
This Workshop will introduce a range of ideas of ways that creative texts can be used by individuals and groups to aid confidence, build self esteem and help sustain personal and, or team growth. The concept and models of ‘bibliotherapy’ and writing and reading for mental health and wellbeing will be explored in a user-friendly and jargon-free way and there will be a chance to experience some of the benefits of reading and writing for personal and team growth in a safe and welcoming workshop format. GWL staff will also offer information on other related methods including storytelling and comedy writing available from practitioners in GWL’s wider network.

The workshop leaders: Adele Patrick and Wendy Kirk

Who will benefit form this workshop?:
This workshop is designed to be delivered to small groups of up to 12 participants and can be tailored to benefit group leaders and their teams and/or learners and service users and can take place at Glasgow Women’s Library or in outreach settings.

Duration: This workshop can be delivered as a half day or full day session.

Workshop 2

Glasgow Women’s Library: two decades of changing minds
Bespoke talks and workshops exploring the history, unique resources and programmes of Glasgow Women’s Library

Workshop Descriptor:
Glasgow Women’s Library’s staff are experienced at delivering inspiring and informative talks, presentations and workshops about their work in a variety of settings including:

  • Presentations and workshops at conferences
  • Talks for festivals, seasonal and learning programmes
  • Workshops for educational institutions
  • Awareness-raising sessions for youth groups, older women, equalities groups, international and tourist groups.

These sessions can be based at GWL or elsewhere.

The workshop leaders: Depending on the theme, audience or group these sessions can be led by the Senior Managers/Founder Member/Board Member or members of the Learning and/or collections team.

Who will benefit from these workshops or talks?
Thousands of people from school aged groups to international conference delegates have enjoyed discovering about the development of Glasgow’s only women’s library resource. In addition to having inspiring presentations that can be delivered in formal contexts we are happy to work with smaller groups in an interactive way exploring the treasures and pleasures of GWL and how to make the most of its resources.

Duration: From 30 minute presentations to full day workshops.

Workshop 4

Women’s History Bring and Tell

Workshop Descriptor:
Facilitated by Glasgow Women’s Library’s experienced learning and collections staff this workshop combines the power of oral histories with significance of personal objects that highlights women’s lives, histories and achievements. Focussing on the importance of all women’s memories and their collections, however modest, whether a photograph, an artefact or memorabilia relating to their own lives or the lives of other women, we help participants to unravel and record the unique stories behind objects and images.
These testimonies can be recorded in a variety of ways by the facilitators and groups are given copies of their recordings. Groups can be shown how to deposit (and access their testimonies) in the collection of GWL if appropriate.

The workshop leaders:
GWL Learning and Collection staff are trained in sensitive methods of oral history gathering and in collecting video records from women. This workshop has been successfully delivered to women from a range of backgrounds, ages and experiences.

Who will benefit from this workshop?
This workshop is beneficial for all groups of women but particularly for older women, groups for whom team and confidence building is a priority and for groups who are looking for a gentle and inspiring introduction to the idea of women’s history, the value of reminiscence and the importance of capturing and archiving women’s voices and histories.

Duration: half a day for the basic workshop session. Two half days workshops if an additional session is required for the group to be inducted into the GWL archive and be facilitated to deposit their recordings at Glasgow Women’s Library.

Glasgow Women’s Library can also produce transcripts of recordings if required at an extra cost to be negotiated.

Workshop 5

Recording Living Heroines

Workshop Descriptor:
This workshop focuses on the importance of recording (and researching) of the lives of local ‘living heroines’. Poignant, funny and inspiring samples from the GWL can be shared either as a starting point for discussion about how and why recording local heroines can be done by groups across Scotland or as a stand alone event that reveals and illuminates the amazing experiences, testimonies and pioneering acheivements of women still living. This workshop can be expanded to include hands on workshop elements that demonstrate how to collect oral histories.

The workshop leaders: Morag Smith, Adele Patrick and Syma Ahmed are all experienced in leading women’s history workshops.

Who will benefit from these workshops or talks?
This workshop is enjoyed by groups who may have a general interest in local history, groups who want to learn new skills and would enjoy being inspired to become women’s history detectives. The workshop content can also be adapted to help generate a cross generational project or learning. It is an ideal workshop for younger and older women.

Duration: Minimum half day. A workshop programme that included gaining oral history skills would take two days.

Workshop 6

Mapping Local women: an introductory workshop for budding local ‘women’s history detectives’

Workshop Descriptor:
An informal, hands-on session that introduces the key skills needed to start a project mapping women’s histories in specific local areas? How to find your local heroines, how to create a map that could be used for walks and talks, how to undertake research and to make sure your project includes lots of diverse local voices and histories. Research, maps, walks and trails created by GWL and other women’s projects will be shared for inspiration.

The workshop leaders: Morag Smith, Adele Patrick, and Syma Ahmed are all experienced in encouraging women to develop their ‘history detective’ skills.

Who will benefit from these workshops or talks?
This workshop is ideal for generating a new group or project. It is accessible and of interest to both young and older women, for diverse groups including those that have a range of skills and abilities and for any group interested in creating a future map or walk.

Duration: Introductory workshop one full day (or two half days) Subsequent bespoke workshop sessions up to a 6 week course can be developed.

Workshop 7

Developing a Women’s History walking tour

Workshop Descriptor:
Since 2005 Glasgow Women’s Library has developed a wide range of popular walks based on the hidden histories of women in Glasgow. It has also facilitated in the development of similar walks across Scotland. We offer two workshops that draw on these successful models of group working with a range of excellent outcomes including team building, group working, developing confidence research skills, volunteering opportunities and health and wellbeing.

Workshop 7A: How to create a women’s history walk
The story of how GWL and its learners and volunteers created the first women’s history walk in Glasgow, pitfalls and skills sharing, tips and ideas. This workshop inspires and encourages women to think about what they could active and the first steps towards highlighting women’s achievements in their local area or amongst specific communities of women. How does a walking script get created? How do you start the process of mapping a route? What about risk assessments and insurance? Who can help in this process?

Workshop 7B: How to create maps, printed trails and other women’s history walk documents.
Some groups may be interested to undertake research and produce maps or other documents but not the tour guiding element. Others want to do both. This workshop focuses on how to turn research (and a walk script) into a map or other printed document that captures the research and can be shared with a wide range of people. Who is your map targeted at? How can it be distributed for free? What needs to be included and what examples are there to learn from and adapt?

The workshop leaders: Adele Patrick was a coordinator of the Women Make History project and has helped to germinate all the GWL walks and related activities; Laura Dolan and Morag Smith are both involved with the Women make History work at GWL.

Who will benefit from these workshops or talks?
Any group of up to 12 people who would enjoy learning about women’s, equalities and local history, learning new skills, sharing their experiences, knowledge and skills and having the exciting experience of working towards launching a new walk, map or other outcome for the benefit of all.

Duration: Workshops 7A and 7B both require a minimum of half a day to deliver. Bespoke course programmes can also be developed in partnership.

Inspired Event 1

The Big Women’s History Quiz

Event Descriptor:
Glasgow Women’s Library has been using a quiz format to engage young women in schools, as an icebreaker for training on equalities and as a popular and fun awareness raising (but highly competitive!) social event for groups of up to 60 women. We are continually adapting and updating our quiz and can tailor this for specific groups and programmes.

The Basic Big Quiz event can be delivered at a venue of your choice for up to 100 people (in groups of 6 or less) and covers women’s acheivements and history across a range of topics including Film, Politics, Music and Sport. It is fully illustrated and has been tried and tested and is guaranteed to be a thrilling and memorable event.

Who will benefit from this event?
Everyone attending! This is a novel and enjoyable way of getting people talking about equality. It is a great team builder and a fantastic social event for groups and organizations at any time of the year including International Women’s Day, Festivals and end of year celebrations.

Duration: The whole quiz event lasts 4 hours. Three breaks. 13 quiz sections.

Booking an Inspired event

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of our inspiring workshops, learning modules, activities and events. Our Inspired palette of workshops and events is currently being revised, and more information, including costs, is available on request.