Reading for Wellbeing

Buddha Da, by Anne Donovan

The Big Music, by Kirsty Gunn

Reading can be a great way to boost your wellbeing. It offers the chance to experience the world through someone else’s eyes, or simply to step out of your own world for a while and relax. Reading the right book at the right time can be life-enhancing, or even life-changing!

We’ve collected some ‘recommended reads’ with women’s wellbeing in mind. These are books that other women have found inspiring, nourishing, uplifting or even just downright funny. They are all available to borrow from Glasgow Women’s Library.

Child of All Nations, by Irmgard Keun

Where Nests the Water-Hen, by Gabrielle Roy

Do you have a book that makes you feel good? A book that really inspired you? Or a book that you return to again and again? Why not share it with us? We’d love to hear from you.