Our book wish list

We’re always looking for newly published or ‘must-have’ books to keep the library collection fresh, exciting and a lovely place to browse!  We have no budget for new books, so we’re always very grateful for donations from library users, supporters and publishers.

Here are some books that have made their way onto our ‘wish list’.  Many of them come with a glowing recommendation from our learners and borrowers.

If you’d like to donate any of these books, we’d be absolutely delighted!

  • Opening the gates: an anthology of Arab feminist writing, published by Indiana University Press, 2004
  • Defiant colours by Kishwar Naheed, published by Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2014
  • Lost and found: queerying the archive, published by Museum Tusculanum Press, 2016
  • The archival turn in feminism: outrage in order by Kate Eichhorn, published by Temple University Press, 2013
  • The poetry of Arab women: a contemporary anthology edited by Nathalie Handal (2001)
  • Collection thinking: within and without libraries, archives and museums, edited By Jason Camlot, Martha Langford, Linda M. Morra (2022)
  • We can do better than this: 35 voices on the future of LGBTQ+ rights, edited by Amelia Abraham (2021)
  • Any poetry books by: Mary Oliver; Jo Harjo; Gwendolyn Brooks
  • Poet warrior by Jo Harjo (2021)
  • Living nations, living words: an anthology of First People’s poetry, collected by Jo Harjo (2021)
  • Women of the Harlem Renaissance: poems & stories by Marissa Constantinou (2022)
  • Why Women Grow: stories of soil, sisterhood and survival by Alice Vincent (2023)
  • A darker wilderness: Black nature writing from soil to stars, edited by Erin Sharkey (2023)
  • Black teacher by Beryl Gilroy (2022)
  • Gifts of gravity and light by Anita Roy and Pippa Marland (2021)
  • A Decolonial Feminism  by Françoise Vergès (2021)
  • This is the Canon: Decolonize your bookshelves in 50 Books (2021)
  • Becoming kin: An Indigenous call to unforgetting the past and reimagining our future by Patty Krawec (2022)
  • The intersectional environmentalist: how to dismantle systems of oppression to protect people and planet by Leah Thomas (2022)
  • The Palace of Illusions by Chitra B Divakaruni (2009)