Library Staff

From its origins as a wholly voluntary organisation, the Library has grown into a thriving 25-strong team, working on our learning programme, with the collection, and keeping the Library running.

The Lifelong Learning Team

Adele Patrick

Co-Founder and Director, Creative Development, Delivery and Engagement

Adele stands against a white wall. Adele has cropped blonde hair and a big smile. She is wearing a grey wooden cardigan over a grey t-shirt

Adele Patrick has been involved in Glasgow Women’s Library since its launch, first as a volunteer, then as the Lifelong Learning Development Worker. She is now one of the two Directors alongside Sue John. Adele works with the library staff team and the Board developing ways that Glasgow Women’s Library can have positive, change making, creative and cultural influence locally, nationally and internationally.

Adele is particularly interested in the creative and imaginative development of the Library as a unique feminist arts provision; (re)defining through its physical spaces, digital platforms, learning approaches, programmes and resources what a library, archive and museum can be.

In 2018/19, Adele undertook a Clore Leadership Fellowship. She has subsequently developed Post Fellowship Research on Feminist Leadership. You can read Adele’s published writing about her approach and work with GWL here and via this blog post

Adele currently works part time.

[Pronouns: she/her]


Caroline Gausden

Development Worker for Programming and Curating

Caroline has long blonde hair, caroline is wearing a woolen jumper and stands against a white background.

Dr Caroline Gausden is a new addition to the team having joined GWL in December 2018. Before working at the Library Caroline was based in Aberdeen where she completed a practice based PhD in Feminist Manifestos and Social Art Practice. She is a Development Worker for Programming, Curating, Partnerships and Participation at GWL. This role involves her moving between all the different facets of the organisation, from the archive to the library shelves and surrounding neighbourhood, to think about how the collection and public programme continue to speak to each other and to the diverse groups of people who are at home in the Library.

Caroline is full-time and usually works Monday to Friday


Syma Ahmed

BME Women’s Project Development Officer

Syma Ahmed joined the Library in August 2007 as the Development Officer for the Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) women’s project. She is responsible for promoting lifelong learning, arts and creative opportunities for BME women. Syma is keen to celebrate the success and achievements of BME women in Glasgow through capturing and compiling their life stories and preserving them at Glasgow Women’s Library. Syma has worked in the voluntary sector for over 6 years and enjoys developing new projects to support the local community. Her previous job with a unique charity called Ethnic Enable involved supporting disabled people and their carers from minority ethnic backgrounds.


Farzane Zamen

Production Co-ordinator

A colour photo of Farzane Zamen, an Iranian woman with dark brown hair and eyes. .Farzane is wearing a pink woolen polo neck sweater and is smiling to the camera.

Farzane joined the library in February 2022 to work as a Production Coordinator. Working alongside other colleagues in the production team, she is responsible to ensure all events and exhibitions within GWL’s learning programmes take place successfully for all our audiences, learners, staff, volunteers and the creatives and partners we collaborate with.

Farzane is originally from Iran and her background is in visual arts, music, and design. She is an active member of Scotland’s cultural scene, as a musician, sound designer and event organiser.
She studied at the Glasgow School of Art during the pandemic in Master of Design Innovation and Service Design.

While working in the voluntary sector, she has been involved with a range of organisations and community groups. Leading and supporting various programmes, events, educational workshops, and music tutorial sessions.

[Pronouns: she/her]

Farzane works part time, her usual days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Mattie Roberts

Production Co-ordinator and Admin Assistant

Mattie in front of a bookshelf

Mattie Roberts joined the library as a Seeing Things volunteer in 2017 before becoming an Admin Assistant in 2018. Since 2023 Mattie works alongside Farzane as part of the Production Co-ordinator team and is excited to support GWL’s programme of events and exhibitions into being, with the incredible creatives and partner organisations who collaborate on it. With each role held at GWL Mattie’s enjoyed considering the multiple ways in which people engage with the learning programmes and collections and how that can lead to unexpected and inspiring interactions.

Mattie has an MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) from the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art, is a programmer for Supernormal Festival and sometimes freelance arts producer.

[Pronouns: she/her]


The National Lifelong Learning Team

Morag Smith

National Lifelong Learning Development Worker

Morag Smith, National Lifelong Learning Development Worker

Morag Smith studied English Literature in Glasgow then lived in Germany for some years before returning to Scotland where she worked in community learning and development, adult literacies, creative writing and literature development. In July 2009 she joined Glasgow Women’s Library as National Lifelong Learning Development Worker and now has a breathtaking knowledge of Scotland’s minor road and rail networks through taking the library’s learning programme to many places, including Aberdeen, Skye, Dundee, Inverness, Dunoon, West Dunbartonshire and Wigtown. She works with GWL’s learning team and a wide range of partner organisations, including libraries, community groups and women’s prison services, to deliver bespoke learning programmes, events, and workshops. She also develops new networks and access to the library’s unique resources for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Morag is particularly interested in working with new partner organisations and community based women’s groups, and supporting and developing new projects which enable women to develop their skills, creativity and confidence and connect with their own life history and the histories of other women past and present.

Morag is part-time and usually works Wednesday to Friday, she is often working out and about across Scotland


Lil Green

National Lifelong Learning Development Worker

Lil Green running a workshop, sitting at a laptop with workshop attendees around them. Image courtesy Glasgow Zine Festival

Lil Green joined Glasgow Women’s Library in January 2023 as an Outreach and Engagement Development Worker. In this role, Lil coordinates sessions and trips for Readers of Colour, a community of Women of Colour and Nonbinary BPOC folks who meet to read and discuss literature by Women of Colour and Nonbinary BPOC folks. For Lil, reading, writing and publishing have always been tools that can bring people together. Lil moved to Glasgow in November 2022 from Bristol, where they ran the publishing studio, No Bindings, for seven years producing hybrid audio-print projects with collectives, community groups and emerging artists, both internationally and locally. They were an Industry Fellow with Bristol + Bath Creative R+D and one of Rife Magazine’s 30 Under 30 (2021). Before running No Bindings full time, they were a Senior Developer at Paper Nations, a creative writing research hub at Bath Spa University, where they developed the Dare to Write? Library workshop and training framework, which was delivered in schools, libraries, cultural centres and universities across the South West of England.


The Adult Literacy & Numeracy Team

Donna Moore

Adult Literacy & Numeracy Development Worker

A colour photo of Donna Moore. Donna is wearing a colourful pair of dungarees emblazoned with yellow and red flowers. Donna's hair is red and is tied back. Donna wears tortoiseshell glasses and has a big grin on her face.

Donna joined the Library as a volunteer literacy tutor in 2010 and has refused to leave ever since. In her role as Adult Literacy and Numeracy Development Worker she works creatively with women with a wide variety of skills, ages and backgrounds – supporting them with their literacy to enable them to improve whatever aspect they want to focus on, to develop their confidence to allow them to progress, to feel better about themselves and to enable them to access a wide range of cultural activities. She loves supporting the women who come to GWL to do whatever they want to do – whether it’s to write a poem, do a crossword, set up a budget, put together a CV, write essays for college or help their children with their homework. She also gets involved in a wide range of activities at GWL, supporting ALN learners to access the huge range of wonderful opportunities that GWL offers.

Donna has a Masters Degree in Community Learning and Development, a Masters in Gender Studies and a PhD in creative writing with a gender and history focus. She facilitates creative writing workshops and GWL’s Drama Queens and loves women’s history, particularly the history of women’s suffrage. Having spent 25 years in the soul destroying world of pensions, Donna is so happy to have found her soul again doing something she loves.

Donna is part-time and usually works Wednesday & Thursday.


Dorothy Sichi

ALN Tutor

Dorothy stands against a white background. Dorothy wears a floral sleeveless blouse. Dorothy is smiling

Dorothy joined GWL as Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tutor after working as a Community Tutor with West Dunbartonshire and then a Workplace Tutor for Glasgow City Council. The ALN post is an exciting opportunity to work with women who live locally and the wider Glasgow area. Dorothy’s role as tutor supports women on a 1:1 basis, helping them gain confidence with their reading, writing and number skills and to use the resources in the library to support their learning.

Whilst studying for a Post Graduate Degree at Strathclyde University Dorothy grew to enjoy supporting people with literacies issues and being able to guide learners to become self-directed learners. In recommending GWL to others, Dorothy cannot tell others enough about the fascinating place the library is to visit, to learn and to meet other women, where they can feel adopted by a vibrant team who work together in a very supportive environment.

Dorothy works part-time and usually works Tuesdays and Thursdays.

[Pronouns: she/her]


Deborah Walker

Adult Literacy and Numeracy Volunteer Support Worker and Tutor

Deborah Walker initially started as a volunteer and student on placement at the Library, working with Syma Ahmed on the BME project. Now working as the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Volunteer Support Worker and Tutor, she continues working towards her degree in Community Development at Glasgow University. Community work has always been a strong passion of hers and she enjoys nothing more than helping others on their journey to empowerment.

Deborah is part-time and usually works Monday & Thursday


The Collections Team

Wendy Kirk


Wendy is wearing a striped long sleeved t-shirt. Wendy has a big smile and shoulder length brunette hair

Wendy Kirk joined GWL in 2005 as the Librarian, having previously worked in community-based support work and community libraries. She studied English Literature and MSc Library Studies at the University of Strathclyde. Wendy runs a weekly group called Story Cafe, which brings women together over lunchtime to enjoy stories and poems, and which includes regular visits from Scottish and international writers. She is passionate about the life-changing impact of reading and libraries, and enjoys taking part in festivals including Book Week Scotland and World Book Night.

Wendy is part-time and usually works Monday & Wednesday to Friday



Jenny Noble

Museum Curator

Jenny was appointed Museum Curator in 2017. The role combines Jenny’s love of heritage and literature, giving her the chance to explore and develop her knowledge of women’s history, museum practices and intersectional feminism while managing and caring for GWL’s museum collections. 

Jenny began her museum career as a seasonal attendant at the Highland Folk Museum in 1996 while studying for her MA in English Language & Scottish Literature at Glasgow University. She has worked continuously in the sector since 2001. Previous roles include Education Facilitator at the National Museum of Rural Life, Education Officer at Paisley Museum, Outreach Officer in a pan-Lanarkshire partnership project and, most recently, Social History Curator at CultureNL.

Jenny works 28 hours p/w (usually from Monday to Thursday, though this can vary). 

[Pronouns: she/her]


Mae Moss


A Colour photograph of Mae Moss. Mae is pictured standing in the archive store, Mae is standing in front of green archive boxes on shelves. Mae wears a black sweater with a Glasgow Women's Library badge with her name on. Mae is smiling and looking at the camera

Mae Moss is part of the collections team, working as the GWL archivist. She was appointed in September 2023, and alongside Jenny Noble, is responsible for managing the library’s diverse and ever-growing collections. Her role, prior to this, was working as the project archivist on Three Decades of Changing Minds, a project focused on the library’s 30 year history. 

She first joined the library in 2017 as a volunteer and has been working in all manner of roles ever since. In 2018, alongside her archival studies she worked on the Decoding Inequality project which ignited her interest in the intersectional feminist reframing of institutions and their collections. Most recently she has worked as an associate archivist for the Art360 Foundation, for the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive cataloguing a variety of films from the Screen Scotland collection and as a research assistant for Adele Patrick, on her post Clore Leadership Fellowship research. This work has left her with a grounding in theory and practice of feminist leadership, how it is cultivated and nurtured, alongside a deep rooted understanding of GWL’s history as an pioneering feminist organisation. 

You’ll find her talking about accessibility in archives, terminology and the application of it, feminist governance and knitting (by machine).

Mae works full time.

[Pronouns: she/her]


Meanwhile, keeping the Library running…

Sue John

Director of Operations, Resources and Enterprise

Sue John, Enterprise Development Manager

Sue John is part of the Senior Management Team at Glasgow Women’s Library.

She takes a lead role in the delivery of the organisation’s Strategic Plan and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, ensuring sustainability, driving GWL towards achieving its Vision, and fulfilling its Aims and Objectives.

More specifically, Sue’s role involves overseeing GWL operations, systems, collections, assets, enterprise and funding. She leads on internal governance in relation to finance, policies, building management, accreditations, risk and opportunity, and legal compliance. Her role includes leading GWL’s social enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurial endeavours to establish a mixed financial model, including venue hire and product sales.

Sue role also includes providing strong and inspiring feminist leadership, ensuring that GWL works as a coherent team across the different strands of its work as a library, an archive, a museum and an innovative learning resource.

Sue is the Company Secretary of Glasgow Women’s Library Limited, ensuring that all legal requirements as a Limited Company and as a Charity are met and, along with Adele Patrick (her senior colleague in the organisation), advises the Board of Directors so they can provide robust governance and clear strategic direction for the organisation.

Sue is part-time (28 hours per week) and is also a part-time PhD History Researcher at the University of Glasgow, with the topic Satire and Suffragettes: Women’s Rights in Everyday Material Culture in Britain, 1900-1930.

[Pronouns: she/her]

 Twitter: @SueJohnGWL

Gabrielle Macbeth

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Gabrielle stands against a white wall. Gabrielle has short mousy hair and a big smile. She is wearing a black t-shirt and gold hoop earrings.

Gabrielle Macbeth joined us as Volunteer Coordinator in 2011. Her role is to ensure that volunteers get as much out of volunteering as they put in and that they are involved in stimulating projects which makes the most out of their interests and motivations for volunteering. Volunteers are encouraged to try new things and broaden their horizons and are offered ongoing support as well as training to equip them with the skills and confidence to get involved in GWL’s wide ranging and varied projects.

Gabrielle loves having the opportunity to find ways for so many talented and enthusiastic women to contribute to GWL’s work, and is always looking for ways to involve women from all walks of life who can bring fresh perspectives and experiences to GWL.

Find out more about volunteering at GWL here.

Gabrielle works three days a week and currently these days vary

[Pronouns: she/her]


Ren Clark

Volunteering Programme Assistant

A photo of Ren standing in the library in front of shelves of books. Ren has a cropped hairstyle and a patterned shirt. They are smiling and looking at the camera

Ren Clark joined GWL in November 2020 as the Volunteering Programme
Assistant. Working alongside Gabrielle Macbeth, the Volunteer Coordinator, Ren assists in recruiting, training and supporting volunteers in the Library and remotely. Ren is interested in volunteering as an activist endeavour, and is passionate about feminist organisations and how they support and uplift marginalised people.

Outside of GWL Ren is a community activist and facilitator, and has
recently graduated from their Masters in Applied Gender Studies at the University of
Strathclyde. Their academic interests are mainly in trans and queer theory and studies, with a
focus on queer anti-assimilation and anti-capitalism, histories of trans literature, and the liberatory potential of contemporary trans non-fiction.

Ren is a genderqueer transgender person and uses they/he/she pronouns, meaning they use all sets in that order of preference. You can find out more about pronouns here:

Ren works part-time, usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  


Annika Norrvik

A photo of Annika, a white woman with shoulder length blonde hair. She is wearing a dark blue shirt over a blacl top and wears a badge with her name on it and another badge with her pronouns displayed 'She/her'. Annika is standing in the library in front of shelves of books

Annika joined the GWL team in 2023 as the Facilities Management Officer and looks after the Category B-listed library building. She works to ensure that all facilities management and building related operations run smoothly and safely, and that the needs of the learning/events programmes as well as all visitors accessing the building are met. 

Annika studied History of Art and Architectural History, and has a Master’s degree in Architectural Conservation (MSc) from the University of Edinburgh. She is passionate about the historic built environment, especially the ways in which historic buildings can be adapted to modern environmental and accessibility standards while preserving their historical importance and architectural character. 

She has volunteered with Doors Open Days Festival, the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland and Govanhill Baths Community Trust to deepen her knowledge about built heritage in Scotland and Glasgow specifically, and feels very lucky to get to work in a building with such a strong connection to the surrounding area and community.
Annika works four days per week (usually from Tuesday to Friday, though this can vary.)

[Pronouns: she/her]


Naomi Brown

Digital and Marketing Officer

Naomi is wearing glasses, a leoprad print shirt and large beads around her neck. Naomi has dark hair tied up with a fringe

Naomi Brown joined GWL in May 2020 during the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Naomi is responsible for GWL’s marketing, Social Media and other digital output. In her role she aims to increase and diversify the reach of GWL’s work to expanded audiences through the use of digital technologies. Naomi has worked for a number of Arts organisations within the city including Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow Sculpture Studios and as Research Coordinator for AHM (Sam Ainsley, David Harding, Sandy Moffat). Naomi has worked at Glasgow Print Studio for over 10 years and continues to do so on a part time basis as Marketing Officer. She has an MA (Hons) in History of Art and Philosophy (Joint Honours) and an MLitt in The History of Collecting and Collections both from the University of Glasgow

Naomi works part-time and she works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

[Pronouns: she/her]


Yuliia Babenko

Finance Officer

Yuliia Babenko sitting in a chair in the office wearing a green dress with buttons and a belt

Yuliia Babenko joined GWL in October 2023 as the Finance Officer. Yuliia has a master’s degree in accounting and auditing (Mykolaiv University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov, Ukraine). Has 7 year of education in Accounting and Finance and 13 years of experience working as an Accountant in Ukraine.

Yuliia works part-time and she works Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Helen MacDonald

IT Worker

A colour photo of Helen. Helen is standing in front of a shelf filled with kids books at the library. Helen is wearing a black dress with a long black beaded necklace. Helen is smiling, she has on glasses and her hair is tied back.

Helen MacDonald has worked at GWL since 2005, with a focus on IT support and digital development, including managing GWL’s online presence and developing its bespoke Monitoring & Evaluation and CRM system, Library Out Loud. She is also the developer & moderator of the Women of Scotland website, created by GWL in partnership with Women’s History Scotland, and represents GWL on the WHS steering committee.

Helen works full time

[Pronouns: she/her]


Doreen Kelly


Doreen stands against a white wall. Doreen wears a peach polo shirt. Her hair is in a bob style and she wears glasses with orange tinted lenses.

Doreen joined the paid staff team in August 2019 after volunteering since summer 2018. Her volunteering role (which continues alongside her paid work) is difficult to pin down, due to her wide interest in the heritage, learning and intersectional activities of GWL. Doreen applied to be the cleaner after helping in the creation of the GWL garden (in association with the RHS). She is a member of the Green Cluster which tries to ensure the library is as carbon neutral as possible. She helps Syma with the Women Making It fortnightly creative sessions. Doreen helped to research GWL’s two new suffragette heritage trails. She is a member of the Reader Development Cluster and immensely enjoys Wendy’s story cafes. She helps Deborah and Dorothy with Conversation Cafes for ALN learners whose first language is not English. She is a learner in GWL’s empowering ALN programme.

Doreen’s interest in volunteering began when she was a Girl Guide and learned to use her time wisely and for the benefit of others. She volunteers with Dyslexia Scotland as she has dyslexia herself and wants to help her community. Dyslexia Scotland have recently published a book of illustrated poetry by Doreen, it is available here.

Doreen graduated from the University of Paisley (as it was in 2000, now the University of the West of Scotland) with an honours in Biology with Geology. She has worked in many seasonal, temp(orary) and part-time jobs after university. She tries to use her entire life experience in her work at the library.

Kirstin Halliday

Project / Admin Assistant

A photo of Kirstin. Kirstin wears a black roll neck top and wears a round badge with their name on it. Kirstin is smiling and standing in front of a bookshelf filled with books

Kirstin first became involved in Glasgow Women’s Library as a member of the Young Critics Group in 2014, before becoming a volunteer tour guide for the East End Women’s Heritage Walk. Kirstin is now an Admin and Project Assistant, alongside Mattie. Together they undertake administrative tasks and develop systems to support the library’s wide ranging work. Kirstin loves working within a feminist organisation that is deeply committed to life-long learning.

Kirstin has a background in Human Geography and Dance. They have previously researched women’s experience of walking in public space, and are interested in the political potentials of dance and movement research. 

Kirstin is genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns. You can find out more about pronouns here:

Kirstin works part-time, usually on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays.


Annie Goddard

Front of House and Admin Assistant

Annie Goddard, a white woman with long blonde hair stands in front of the bookshelves in the library

Annie began as an archive volunteer at Glasgow Women’s Library in early 2023, where she worked on cataloguing the zines in GWL’s archive, and later also volunteered on Front of House. She is now working as an Admin Assistant, helping Kirstin and Mattie with the administrative tasks and processes that support the smooth running of GWL’s wide-reaching work, and for two days a week as the Front of House receptionist.

Annie moved from Brighton to Glasgow in 2020 to complete a Master’s degree in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. She has a longstanding interest in the untold stories of women’s lives and artistic production, and is delighted to be working for a feminist organisation that values the potential of libraries as spaces of inspiration, inclusion and lifelong learning.

[Pronouns: she/her]


Contacting Staff

All the Library staff can be contacted via email or at the Library. If you’re contacting the Library with a proposal for an event, exhibition, workshop or other project, please take a look at our guide to working with GWL, and submit a copy of our ‘Working with GWL’ form.