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Iona with Makes You Think tote bags

Limited Edition GWL Makes You Think Tote Bags

Get your hands on our standout limited edition 100% cotton tote bags with exclusive Glasgow Women's Library: Makes You Think design by Maeve Redmond and Sophie Dyer. Just £5, these bags are only available from GWL.

Available in red and yellow or blue and yellow.



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Black bag with bright pink text. The text reads 'Tracey Emin' [in large letters] 'Didn't win the Turner Prize 1999' [In smaller writing]. The rest of the text echoes this style of a larger name and smaller text. 'Beyonce didn't win the Grammy for album of the year 2017' and 'Glasgow Women's Library didn't win Art Fund Museum of the Year 2018'

Limited Edition Runners-Up Tote Bag

Our new Limited Edition GWL Tote Bag celebrates the power of women who are Runners-Up.

Made with 100% fairtrade cotton. This Tote Bag has a gusset for support and durability.



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