Information for Publishers

Publishers play a vital role in expanding the Library’s collection and ensuring that we continue to supply interesting and up to date materials to our users.

Would you like to donate some titles?

If you are a publishing company we would greatly appreciate any complimentary titles you could donate to us. The Library does not receive any revenue funding and relies on publishers to supply us with new materials.

Benefits for publishers include:

  • Glasgow Women’s Library is the only women’s lending library in Scotland, and our unique library and archive collection is accessed by a variety of users including academics, journalists, students, and organisations.
  • The Library is well used by a range of women: we have over 50 visitors and callers each day.
  • New materials sent by publishers are posted on our website and reviewed by Library staff, volunteers and users, and publishers are thanked in our Annual Report and on our website.

Links with publishers are very welcome since the Library delivers learning opportunities and creative courses where texts can be a vital resource and may be recommended by course facilitators.

Multiple copies of specific texts are also required on an ongoing basis for the Library’s Book Club.

Any materials donated to the Woman’s Library will be used over and over again by our users. We would be delighted if you could donate any materials that are specifically aimed at women or are written by women authors.