Our Values

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world in which every woman is able to fulfill her potential and where women’s historical, cultural and political contributions to society are fully recognised, valued and celebrated.

Our Mission

Glasgow Women’s Library’s mission is to celebrate the lives and achievements of women, champion their historical, cultural and political contributions and act as a catalyst to eradicate the gender gap that contributes to widespread inequalities in Scotland.

Our Values


GWL is about empowerment. We provide a safe welcoming space where women can access information, find their voice and discover the confidence to embrace new opportunities, take control of their lives and achieve their potential.

Addressing Inequalities

We recognise that there is inequality between women and men and that this creates barriers for women to fully participate in many aspects of life. We will work with and for women to make Scotland a better place for all.

Valuing All Women

We value the skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences of every woman regardless of her background and circumstances. We welcome all women equally so that each individual shares a sense of ownership and belonging in this organisation.

Learning and Development

We affirm that we are all learners. We encourage an approach to life based on continuous inquiry, reflection and free expression. We commit to taking this life long journey together in the spirit of collaboration and equal partnership. We believe this approach is at the heart of supporting the flourishing of individuals, communities and society.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We are fully committed to diversity, respecting human rights and creating opportunities for access and participation across Scotland. We strive at all times to promote the achievement of individual potential, to operate transparently and to involve people across the organisation in decision-making.

Openness and Respect

We are committed to maximising the accessibility of our resources and to ensuring that they are freely and widely available. It is important to us that we are known to provide a courteous, friendly, professional and non-discriminatory service and are continually working to ensure that all our staff, Board members, partners, volunteers, learners, users, donors and supporters treat each other and are treated with respect.  The GWL team also endeavour to demonstrate our values at all times.

Find out more about our specific aims and objectives, or take a look at our Learning Policy and Strategic Plan on our Policies page.