Mixing The Colours Film

The Mixing The Colours film was officially launched at our conference on Friday 20th March. The film features personal accounts, interviews and extracts of the creative writing produced by women.

Six of the women we approached to be involved identified themselves as having experienced sectarianism in different forms. During the interview process we asked women to share their personal experiences in terms of childhood, marriage, work and family. We wanted to know how they reacted to it at home and in public spaces, and how they feel women experience sectarianism differently from men.

We asked if there were barriers to women challenging sectarianism and what opportunities they would like to see for women to tackle it. And we asked them about their Scotland of the future; what it looked like without sectarianism, and what their hopes were.

We hope you enjoy their unique and invaluable insights, and would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of the women who were involved in the project.

For more information on the film or any other aspect of the Mixing The Colours project, please contact Rachel Thain-Gray at rachel.thain-gray@womenslibrary.org.uk