Vote 100: The Moving Story – Toolkit for Schools

A puppet of Ethel Moorhead, shown holding a 'Votes for Women' pennant. Behind her are the shadows of other women holding banners and pennants. Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Vote 100 animation screenshot that reads 'Human Rights Activist' with a handheld loudspeaker)

Do you work with secondary school students? Would you like to use the Vote 100 films as a multimedia approach to the history of suffrage? Then check out our free, downloadable Vote 100: The Moving Story Toolkit!

Our toolkit, aimed at students aged 14-16, offers a range of activities (from research to debate, from creative writing to arts & design) designed to get the most out of the Vote 100 films – and even suffrage-themed games! – to engage students more actively with this topic.

Download the Vote 100: The Moving Story – Secondary School Toolkit

Fatima Jinnah (Vote 100 animation screenshot featuring a collage of photos of Fatima Jinnah) Agnes Husband (Vote 100 animation screenshot with a banner that reads 'Suffragette')