Bold Types 2020 Finalists

Bold Types Logo that shows a piece of paper with squiggles on it to represent text. The paper has another green rectangle behind it and next to this it says 'Bold Types'

Bold Types 2020: Scottish Women’s Creative Writing Competition – The Finalists!

Bold Types is Glasgow Women’s Library’s annual competition for budding writers. This year we’ve followed Book Week Scotland’s theme – Future – and our nine shortlisted authors have created poems and short stories that take us from ancient shores, to murderous deeds and towards visions of things to come.

Click on the titles below to read these writers’ captivating words.


Unlocking by Mel Reeve – Our 2020 Short Story Winner!

Standing Still… by Helen Ross – Our 2020 Poetry Winner!


Future Fears by Sarah Case

The Scientist by Ann Craig

Nocturne by Jean Gillespie

Behind Every Great Man by Peg McMillan

Future by Julie McNeill

Stars over Porlock by Rimika Solloway

Guiding Light by Catherine Stuart