Work with GWL

Glasgow Women’s Library has many requests and suggestions from people to work with us. We regularly receive suggestions for exhibitions, talks, arts projects, storytelling, creative writing and other events, activities and learning programme ideas. The process for receiving these proposals is through our ‘Working with GWL’ application form.

Please complete our Working with GWL application form and return it to the relevant member of staff or Production Coordinators, Katie Reid, at and Laura Dolan at (please copy in both Katie and Laura as they job share this role). Your proposal will be reviewed at our Programming meetings. We will then get back to you with feedback.

Below you can download the Working With GWL application form; Guidelines to assist completing the form; our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan to connect your proposal to our EDI objectives; and our Environmental Policy to demonstrate how your proposal links to our environmentally conscious values and working practices:

Download: Working-With-GWL-Form-2018
Download: Working-with-GWL-Guidelines
Download: GWL Equality Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 2018-2021
Download: Environmental Policy

The Programming meetings take place three times a year. Please submit your Working with GWL form at the times below to ensure that we can consider it for the relevant programme. The review schedule takes approximately 6 weeks from the dates below, after which we will be able to respond.

  • Summer programme (June to September) proposals required start of February
  • Autumn programme (September to February) proposals required start of May
  • Spring programme (February to June) proposals required start of October

Please be aware of these dates when submitting your form, we are not able to assess forms out-with our Programming meetings except in exceptional circumstances. Exhibitions are often programmed further in advance, so please be aware when submitting exhibition proposals, the more notice and flexibility the better for us to be able to consider your proposal.

We cannot meet to discuss projects before a Working With GWL form has been submitted. However, we may require to meet with you to discuss your proposal in further detail, this does not guarantee that we will be able to take your proposal forward.

Thank you for thinking of GWL in relation to your project, we look forward to hearing from you.

Job Vacancies

Current job vacancies will be advertised in the News section and tagged with ‘job vacancies’.