Women on the Wall

Support Glasgow Women’s Library to become operational net zero.

The aim of our Women on the Wall fundraising initiative is to help us in our ongoing work towards building a sustainable, green future for GWL. The money raised will contribute towards our overall ambition to reach operational net zero by 2030.

We are working hard to reduce energy consumption and are steadily making improvements to our historic building. We commissioned Dress for the Weather to produce a Net Zero Handbook – an environmental action plan to keep us focussed, prioritise actions, and help us to work towards our own sustainability goals and those of the planet. You can hear more about how ecofeminism and care for the environment have impacted our work in our GWL at 30: Green podcast episode.

Women on the Wall fundraising will help us to achieve our aims whilst honouring women* who have made their own positive impact on the world. Women on the Wall will be a living tribute to great women, whether that’s someone from the past or someone making an impact today, a pioneer in their field or an extraordinary colleague, friend or family member. They will be women whose work and lives chime with the purpose, aims and values of GWL, and who we can proudly add to our collective history.

Women on the Wall logo design, based on the gratings on the front of the GWL building

Nominated names will feature in the fabric of our remarkable building. Women on the Wall has been created to be a wall of beauty and inspiration, professionally designed and immaculately executed in environmentally sound materials. The names of women featuring on the wall will have further information shared about them on a dedicated section of our website.

In this first phase we anticipate that a limited number of 200 women will feature, so if you support Glasgow Women’s Library and love what we do, and want to honour someone remarkable, past or present, whose life and achievements also chime with our values and work, and needs to be remembered for the impact they have made, please nominate them.

The cost is £150 per nomination.

Please donate now, complete and submit the form below, and then we will review your nomination and contact you about the next steps.

(*All women-only opportunities and events at GWL are inclusive of Trans and Intersex women, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of women.)

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