Sex in the Women’s Library: Credits and Thanks

The Sex in the Women’s Library programme was generously funded by Wellcome Trust. Glasgow Women’s Library would like to thank them and Elizabeth Lynch, Sexology Season Producer, for supporting this programme.

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Sex in the Women’s Library Team

GWL Staff
Alice Andrews, co-ordinator, Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur, zine curator
Laura Dolan, Production Co-ordinator
Sue John, Finance Management
Wendy Kirk, Librarian
Gabrielle Macbeth, Volunteer Co-ordinator
Helen MacDonald, Web and IT support
Nicola Maksymuik, Archivist
Donna Moore, ALN Development, reviewer
Adele Patrick, Creative Development,
Project Manager
Katie Reid, Lifelong Learning Admin Assistant
Wendy Turner, Museum Curator
Melanie Williamson, Assistant Museum Curator

GWL Volunteers
Jess Bennett Eves, blogger, zine curator
Isabella Carreras, curator, researcher, reviewer
Anna Kankaanpaa, exhibition display
Louise Michelle, transcription
Sophie Sexon, zine curator
Sara Shaarawi, workshop facilitation
Jenny Spiers, zine curator

Many more GWL staff team members and volunteers were involved with Sex in the Women’s Library programme tasks from sourcing icing bags, documentation, suggesting sex themed songs by women and tweeting about the programme. Thanks to everyone who made the programme a success.

Thanks to the GWL discussion group and workshop participants.

Sessional, Creative and Consultation Support
Laura R. Becherer, writer
Prof Karen Boyle, Head, Gender Studies, University of Stirling
Ashley Dick, Pop-up Film Programmer
Marianne Dryburgh, writer
Anita Govan, poet
Lucy Holmes-Elliot, artist
Ioulia Kolovou, writer
Kim Long, discussion group facilitator
Kirsty McBride, Design
Neil McGuire, Communication Design, Glasgow School of Art
Cameo Marlatt, writer
Heather Middleton, book group facilitator
Megan Mitchell, Pop-up Film Programmer
Helena Öhman, filmmaker
Anna Shields, songwriting workshop facilitator
Sarah Short, drama and comedy workshop facilitator
Emma Smith, curator
Zoë Strachan, lecturer, Creative Writing, University of Glasgow
Karolina Szpyrko, film discussion panellist
Agnes Török, poet
Helen Wright, film discussion panellist

Academic Partners
University of Glasgow
University of Stirling

Sex Between the Covers publication

Publication edited by Adele Patrick
Design by Kirsty McBride
Illustrations by Lucy Holmes-Elliot

Copyright Glasgow Women’s Library
Copyright for short stories, poems and illustrations belong to the writers and illustrator

Copyright for all photographs: Glasgow Women’s Library