Apply for a placement or internship

Glasgow Women’s Library has successfully hosted many work placements and internships including short term work experience for school aged students through to international internships and university work placements that have involved varied levels of involvement in project or programme delivery working beside learning or collections staff team members.


Below is more information about the differences between student placements, internships and volunteering:

Student placements: For students (from either the UK or overseas) looking for a time-limited placement as part of their studies. Some academic institutions refer to student placements as “internships” (see below).


Internships: Internships offer the chance to gain work experience and skills relevant to one or more of GWL’s areas of work.  These are time-limited, paid (by GWL or another funding body), and can be part-time or full-time.

We occasionally advertise for paid internships in the News section and tagged with ‘job vacancies’. 

We also welcome internship applications from applicants eligible for funding from an academic institution (for example the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities) or another funding body (such as Erasmus +) and is willing to organise the funding themselves.

Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to consider unsolicited internship applications from applicants who are not financially supported by a funding body or academic institution, or who are not applying for an internship/placement as part of their studies.


Volunteer opportunities: For anyone who wants to give a few hours of their time (up to 7 hours a week) to any aspect of the organisation’s work in exchange for learning new skills, meeting new people and being able to contribute to our work in a safe, supportive and creative environment. For information about volunteering please visit the Volunteering page.


Applications for student placement and internships are discussed and agreed upon on a one to one basis at Staff team meetings and decisions are made based on the capacity of the staff team to be able to support and facilitate the different demands in terms of reporting and supervision required for the placement. In the first instance please complete the relevant form below and return it to




GWL student placement application form


You may also be interested in joining our volunteer programme.