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Live performances from the Mixing The Colours Anthology featured on BooksFromScotland ‘Best Of Scottish Books’

We are very proud and pleased to have our Mixing The Colours Anthology featured on BooksFromScotland ‘Best Of Scottish Books’! Read reviews of the book by Glasgow Women’s Library volunteers Claire L. Heuchan and Mel Bestel. Download a copy now!  Join us in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness! Live performances from the publication are open for booking with […]

GWL Volunteer, Mel Bestel Reviews our Mixing the Colours Anthology featuring ‘In These Transgressive Spaces’ by Denise Mina

Our published collection Mixing the Colours: women speaking about sectarianism has been featured on The Best of Scottish Books website who focus on the standout story In These Transgressive Spaces by Denise Mina. The story tells the tale of two women facing personal adversity from hospital beds in faraway Guilford. From their distinctive accents, they recognise […]

“I feel part of something.” Opportunities to participate in Mixing The Colours

“Group together to inspire change.” A significant aspect of our work on Mixing The Colours is collective action. Working as a group our participants found power in numbers. We need YOU to continue to challenge sectarianism in a safe way together. Mixing The Colours has a packed programme and we warmly invite you to join us at our events across Scotland.

Be mentored by Mixing The Colours

The Scottish Community Development Centre is offering organisations running, or intending to run, anti-sectarian initiatives the opportunity to be supported by Mixing The Colours as a mentor experienced in the anti-sectarianism field.

Yvonne reading from Mixing the Colours book

Mixing The Colours – Moving Forward

Sustainability is a key aspect of the work at GWL, enabling and encouraging women to take control of their own action and activism for gender equality. As part of that Mixing The Colours has supported women to write, publish and perform their creative responses to sectarianism and share their stories with wide audiences. Sharing Our Learning […]

Mixing The Colours Conference 20th March 2015  

Our Mixing The Colours Conference on Friday 20th March was the culmination of 18 months of research, workshops and discussions. I thought I’d share my presentation/speech from the day to further share the thinking behind and importance and impact of the project.

Art For Lovers: Valentine Packages

A typical response to Valentine’s Day at GWL usually includes a collective rant on women being primed by society to believe that they are not loved if they do not receive some tangible proof on a predetermined day on the calendar! But what if there was a way to show your affection, counteract the commercialisation […]

Art Lover’s Christmas package #2: 21 Revolutions, Makes You Think tote bag, NMRD t-shirt and more!

Christmas Gifts for Art Lovers!

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the art lovers in your life that also benefit your favourite charity?

We have the solution!

Women speaking…

With project report time underway it’s time for Mixing The Colours to reflect on our work since July 2013 and plan for the coming year.

Exploring sectarianism and violence against women

As part of International Women’s Day 2014, Scottish Women’s Aid are holding a seminar featuring Audrey Gillan’s radio play ‘A Firm Hand’. The play follows Chris, who has been referred to a domestic abuse perpetrator programme and who has been banned from attending Old Firm football games. While it’s our aim at GWL to extend awareness […]