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Masculinity and the #MeToo Movement

A key theme which seemed to play a significant role in the backlash towards the #MeToo movement was the concept of masculinity, which I will be discussing today.

Shave It or Let It Grow? Collecting stories on women’s body hair

Why is body hair on women such a controversial subject? In this blog, Melody explores some of the issues with women’s body hair and invites you to share your own experiences for a future project.

The Backlash to the #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has challenged gender norms on a global scale and it is apparent that those who uphold patriarchal ideologies have retaliated.

Annie joins the Board

Our newest member of the Board of Directors, Annie Webster, shares her journey of learning and discovery from first time visitor to volunteer, and how that led to joining GWL’s Board.

The #MeToo Movement: Consciousness Raising

Consciousness-raising became popularised in the late 1960s and early 1970s during the second wave of feminism. According to bell hooks (2000), women would form groups within their community which provided an important space for them to vent about and heal from sexist experiences.

An Introduction to my Research on the #MeToo Movement

I have recently completed my final year at university which has been a rather strange experience. I never thought I would be completing my honours degree in the midst of a global crisis. However, I have learned so much from my time at university which I am enormously grateful for! Particularly, I learned a lot from my final year dissertation which focused on the #MeToo movement.

Life in Taiwan during the pandemic

A first hand account of what life is like for a young woman living in Taiwan during the pandemic.

A Digital Window into Glasgow Women’s Library

Student Paige Plannette shares more insights into her University of Glasgow Museum Studies placement with GWL during the coronavirus lockdown.

Turn your walk into a herstory treasure hunt

Our usual programme of guided Women’s Heritage Walks hasn’t gone ahead, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know your area through the lives of women. We’ve got some inspiration and resources to get you started…

Placement, Interrupted: Digitisation to Lockdown

Paige Plannette shares her experience of her Museum Studies student placement at GWL Hello everyone! I had the opportunity to do a work placement at Glasgow Women’s Library through the University of Glasgow’s Museum Studies programme this year. During my time at GWL I had a few different tasks that I was working on. The […]