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Canvas bag decorated with the slogan "Have Courage and Dare To Dream"

The Feartie Creates

Ever wondered about taking part in a Creative Writing for Fearties session? Want some idea of what happens in the sessions? Exchanging ideas, through writing. Story-telling begins. In bygone girls annuals we find inspiration. And writing begins!

Women Making It and Seeing Things

I went (with Seeing Things), I saw (the Glasgow Zine Festival) and I created a zine (at Women Making It).

#FlashFictionFriday – A #FFF-ond #FFF-arewell #FFF-rom Sue.

Our #FlashFictionFriday elicited some wonderful humorous stories last week.  This week we are offering two images, both from the world of roller derby to tempt your creative appetite! Perhaps these images will tempt you to try writing a tiny story.  Don’t worry if you’ve never done any thing like this before – many of those […]

#FlashFictionFriday – is it floating your boat?

Thank you to all those who submitted lovely stories about our little porcelain bell.  It was wonderful to see her attract so much literary attention.  We are hoping to collate the flash fiction stories you have sent us to display here in the library so please keep submitting them. Here is today’s #FlashFictionFriday image: We […]

#FlashFictionFriday – is this ringing a bell?

We have had some lovely responses to our Artemisia flash fiction prompt.  Well done and thank you so much to all those who contributed. This week we have chosen a very special artifact from the GWL archive.   These photographs show the back and front faces of a small porcelain bell.  One side depicts a […]

#FlashFictionFriday – Artemisia inspires!

There is a palpable air of excitement here at the library as this self portrait by Artemisia Gentileschi as Saint Catherine of Alexandria is here.  More information about the exhibition can be found here: Artemisia Gentileschi was born in Rome in 1593.  Despite an eventful life, which included being raped at 17, enduring an arduous […]

#FlashFictionFriday – the tip of the iceberg

This week we have chosen a very special image for our #FlashFictionFriday prompt.  It is our highly-prized umbrella stand which was reputedly painted by Suffragettes in Duke Street Prison over 100 years ago.  From the beauty of its painted wrought iron structure and mitred shape to the mystery suggested by the bent guard rail,  this […]

#FlashFictionFriday stirs memories

We wondered if the flash fiction prompt we posted here last Friday would bring back memories for some people. And indeed it did. Here a writer tweets that she could not resist the prompt and has given us a beautiful and heartwarming tale of transformation, She planned on rescuing her daughter from the radicals and ne’er-do-wells. […]

Full steam ahead with #FlashFictionFriday

We have been thrilled with the quality and variety of flash fiction stories submitted in response to our first #FlashFictionFriday prompt.  “Wendy’s Strange Encounter” is an image we uncovered in a 1950’s annual for girls, one of many in our archive.  Although quite typical of the images found in publications for girls at that time, […]

Kirsty McBride on being our first Visual Communication Resident

Kirsty became our first Visual Communication Resident in 2015 and has continued to work with us ever since.  Here she shares some of the projects she worked on and what the residency meant for her. You can see more of Kirsty’s work at   Being Communication Designer in Residence at Glasgow Women’s Library was […]