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Placement, Interrupted: Digitisation to Lockdown

Paige Plannette shares her experience of her Museum Studies student placement at GWL Hello everyone! I had the opportunity to do a work placement at Glasgow Women’s Library through the University of Glasgow’s Museum Studies programme this year. During my time at GWL I had a few different tasks that I was working on. The […]

Is Pride A Protest?

Gender studies placement student Grace reflects on LGBTQ pride. It is impossible to read through the Lespop files without gaining an understanding of the fact that daily existence was often a struggle for many LGBTQ+ people. This is certainly an uncomfortable thing to create a collective identity around and while there is of course no […]

Intersectionality and LesPop

Gender Studies placement student Grace’s second blog look at  intersectionality in the GWL collections. Since beginning my Masters in Gender Studies I have repeatedly learnt not to be surprised when ideas I considered to be part of modern feminism show up throughout documentation of the past. One of the first things we discussed in class […]

Introduction to Les Pop

Gender Studies Placement student Grace introduces us to the Lesbians and Policing Project Collection.

The library's garden in April 2020 blooming mainly in reds and yellows. With the black lift shaft (with book titles on it) in the background.

How does a garden grow?

Gardens and green places are good for wildlife and the environment but they’re also good for us. Find out how we created “Our Lifting Words Garden” full of plants with different colours, textures, shapes, sizes, and personalities.

Writing as therapy

Our volunteer Arran relates the magical experience of taking part in an online poetry writing event with Rupi Kaur. Can she encourage you to give it a go too?

The New Normal – Random Thoughts From The Inside

Is it really just a few short weeks since we flew back to Glasgow? A dozen or so days that have tilted the axis and rocked our equilibrium: left us shaken but strangely unruffled amidst seismic changes at home and around the world?

Ten Podcasts to Get You Through Quarantine

New to podcasts or looking to refresh your listening? Look no further! Our volunteer Rhia has pulled together a list of her top 10 podcasts by and about women.

Wages against housework

Introducing the St Andrews Women’s Liberation Group

Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) is a unique treasure trove, which documents women’s history and struggle throughout society. Their archives, which deserve their own recognition, are home to numerous personal letters, photographs, reports and objects- all of which give us insight into the history of women’s lives and the gaps we have yet to fill. I […]

The stolen letters: a herstory of Spanish women writers

Don’t miss out on this week’s Story Cafe highlighting Spanish women writers. Spanish brunch snacks!).