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Illustration of woman hugging a globe with text around saying "climate change is a feminist issue"

Gender and Climate Change

Climate Change is a feminist issue. This blog introduces the debate around women and climate change.

Collage of photos from the Korean women in History article.

Korean Women in History

If you have been to the library recently you may have noticed the banner next to Front of House on which is written “Safeguarding the history of your grandmothers, Hearing the memories of your mothers, Providing inspiration for your daughters”. It is in the spirit of this trans-generational effort to uplift and support women, past and present, that I decided to write this article on great Korean women in history.

A large white flag with the slogan 'No Cover Up' hanging from the front of the GWL building. Ingrid Pollard, 'No Cover Up', 2021. Photo: Alan Dimmick

Ingrid Pollard: No Cover Up – Political Protests in the 80s

If you have visited the library since May 28th, you will have noticed the exhibition No Cover Up by the artist Ingrid Pollard spread all throughout the library. Especially striking is her Demo Frieze in the lending library with its images of protests on long banners of fabric. […] They highlight the many political fronts on which British lesbians, especially British Black lesbians, were fighting during the 80s. It is a new perspective on the Lesbian archive here in the library as well as on the link between race, sexuality, and gender when it comes to politics.

COP26 Glasgow Logo. COP26 in bold letters and a snapshot of the world in green and purple. Dates 1st-12th November 2021.

COP26 Explained

COP26 is due to take place this November in Glasgow. But what does that mean? This blog introduces the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference and details why it is so important.

Invisible Disability and Feminism

I am currently undertaking my MSc Applied Gender Studies and Research Methods with a focus on feminism and disability. I have a particular interest in invisible disabilities such as chronic fatigue syndrome as this mostly affects women and challenges our assumptions about disability. Reading and writing about constructions of gender and constructions of disability has […]

Image shows a page from Kate's comic 'Sensible Footwear' shows stickers, people and significant dates for LGBTQ+ culture in the 80s.

In Conversation with Kate Charlesworth and Shazleen Khan: A Review for GWL’s Open the Door Festival

A review of my night at GWL’s Open the Door with Kate Charlesworth and Shazleen Khan talking all things graphic novels.

Image shows four Fearless issues. Issue most visible to viewer has Captain Marvel illustration. Lightning comes from her fists and she is in combat mode.

Women & Graphic Novels: A Guide

Hello everyone, it’s Ashley here to talk all things feminist and queer in graphic novels. On Tuesday, if you were on twitter, you might have noticed my thread on the GWL account that was a little guide of where to start with graphic novels if you’re unfamiliar to the medium or would just like to […]

Forgotten Scottish Authors

Sir Walter Scott and Jane Austen are two highly celebrated authors. But what about Scottish women who were also writing at the same time as these revered figures? This blog introduces four Scottish women who were well known in their day but now are largely forgotten.

Connecting with Kurdish women

A few months ago a former volunteer, Jenni, contacted us to let us know about a group of women setting up a women’s library in the Kurdish region of Iraq where she had spent some time volunteering. Would we like to make a connection? Of course, we did!

Collecting Voices in The Time of Coronavirus

Over the last few months Gender studies placement student Louise Sidey has been collecting oral accounts from some of the staff and volunteers at GWL as part of the exhibit, Collecting in The Time of Corona Virus. I set out to record an oral history of staff and volunteers at the women’s library because collecting […]