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A Striking Lens: Recent Additions Recognising Women’s Art

As the Glasgow Women’s Library continues to acquire more books, I will attempt to highlight some of the recent additions that I personally found very intriguing.

Revelations from a three-month student placement

Ronja’s time on placement at GWL was full of revelations… What can they possibly be?

Women in the Landscape Spines of Ecofeminism and Nature Books in the GWL Collection

Reading and writing as feminist work

While we may not always recognise them as such, the acts of reading or writing are inherently feminist. On both a personal and political level, these undertakings can transform our lives. Curious about what reading and writing meant to other feminists, I asked some volunteers from the Glasgow Women’s Library to share their own experiences with the written word. This is what I found out.

Working is Beautiful: Interview with a Librarian

Ruoying brings you an interview with her grandmother, Li Julan (李菊兰), who will turn 81 this year. She worked at the library for 30 years before retirement and served as the deputy director of Huzhou City Library, China.


Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) celebrated its thirtieth birthday in 2021. Since its creation GWL has helped and enriched the lives of countless women and non-binary people. A two year study was carried out at the University of Strathclyde exploring this impact and the transformative power GWL has had over the years. This blog includes more information on the academics who carried out the research as well as an interview with them. The blog will also introduce the exhibition entitled Transformations on display in the library building until the 2nd of April 2022 which presents the findings of the study through artwork.

Joan Eardley painting of a cornfield with a blue sky and yellow and brown corn.

Joan Eardley and the Representation of Woman Artists: A Journey to Gender Equality

This is a blog written by our volunteer Mhairi on our recent exhibition of Joan Eardley’s works. Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley was born in Sussex on the 18th May 1921. […]

Women in Musicals

Hi readers! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ruoying and I’m a placement student at GWL. This time I will introduce women characters in musicals! Women figures, as in literature, have formed a significant part of musical theatres. Women were not only supporting characters but also the focus of many productions. In this blog, I will present altogether 13 female characters from 6 musical theatres covering three different languages. Some of them played their role in history and some are fictional characters.

A Space of Our Own: Mandarin Fanfiction Creation [4] Fanfiction Community

Welcome back to the blog series about Chinese Mandarin fanfiction creation! Here are links to the first three blogs: Introduction to fanfiction, uniqueness in fanfiction, and writing and barriers. Before […]