Rachel Thain-Gray

What to do if the police raid (English version), LESPOP, Lesbians and Policing Project poster, designed by Kris Black, c. 1985

Co-creating the Decoding Inequality Exhibition

We want to include you in unlocking the personal meanings of objects in our collections.

Approaches to Equality – Scottish Museum Sector Survey

The aim of this survey is to analyse your organisation’s approach to embedding equality with the purpose of increasing access, representation and inclusion at all levels. 

“Diversity” fatigue

  Sara Ahmed’s amazing book (bible), Living a Feminist Life, has got us nodding our heads and reflecting on our reading of the word “diversity” (something we’ve also heard from Porcia Moore and Shaz Hussein). The museum sector is floating on a sea of “diversity” conversation and conferences at the moment but as Sara Ahmed […]

Job Vacancies

The deadline for applications for this post has now passed.

We’re hiring for our innovative Equality in Progress project!

New GWL Performance to Raise Awareness of Women’s Experiences of Hate Crime

We launch our groundbreaking new performance to challenge hate crime against women today at City of Glasgow College, and at Glasgow Kelvin College on the 17th March.

To coincide with International Women’s Day, the performances, titled No-one who harms me will go unpunished. I am a woman are choreographed protests and will be a brand new resource to raise awareness of women’s experiences of hate crime in Scotland.

Feminist Revolutions by Redstockings

Sisterhood is Powerful!

Women were important and purposeful here, “Sisterhood is Powerful” rang in my thoughts. And that same spirit continues today, 25 years since GWL’s inception.

“I didn’t realise that what they said to me was a hate crime.”

The criminal term ‘hate crime’ poses a barrier to women in coming forward to speak about their experiences of targeted victimisation or hostility, we want to remove this.

Reflecting on Mixing The Colours

As we reach the midway point of this project year it seems like a natural time to reflect on how we’re engaging people in the discussion on sectarianism. Find out how you can get involved.

Review the Mixing The Colours publication and receive a free copy!

Do you love reading? Are you excited about books? Perfect! We are looking for women to review our Mixing The Colours: women speaking about sectarianism publication.

10 Free Tickets up for grabs for our Mixing The Colours @ Just Festival!

The first 10 people to post a comment will to be entered into our draw for a free ticket to our Mixing The Colours @JustFestival on Tuesday 11th August!