Introducing Book Bunk

We’re delighted to announce that we have been selected to be a critical friend to Book Bunk, an organisation based in Nairobi.

A yellow box that has black text on it. The text highlights facts about Kathleen Collins. The full text is below.

#WomanOfTheWeek Kathleen Collins

This week’s #WomanOfTheWeek is Kathleen Collins and she was chosen and written about by GWL Volunteer Pauline.

A badge that states: "Keep Your Filthy Laws Off My Body", green lettering on a lilac background.

Our Bodies, Our Choice

Feminists have been campaigning to gain and retain access to sexual health education, contraception, safe and legal abortions, and parental rights for centuries. We’re sharing some of the Reproductive Rights badges from our collection to highlight these struggles.

A crop of an old photograph with a wash of red and yellow over it. The text reads, "Glasgow Women's Library, June - August 2019 Programme".-

Summer 2019 Programme Out Now!

Our Summer Programme 2019 is now available and you can pick up your copy of the beautiful printed brochure at GWL, take a look on our website, or download a pdf programme to find out all about events and projects happening this season.

Two paper items and a badge arranged together. The badge says, "Support Women Writers"

Open the Door: Support

In this final blog post, placement student Katie looks at the theme of support. But what do we even mean by “support”?

A display cabinet photographed from above, showing a selection of zines

Open the Door: Protest

Three key themes run throughout the exhibition in this year’s Open the Door festival – Celebrate, Protest, and Support – and this blog focuses on the second theme of the Open the Door festival, Protest.

Two t-shirts displayed side by side. The t-shirt on the left says "Shhhh Out" and the right-hand t-shirt shows the cover of an edition of Harpies and Quines.

Open the Door: Celebrate

For the past few months, placement student Katie Fannin has been carrying out a research placement in the GWL archives as part of the Applied Gender Studies Masters at the University of Strathclyde, curating the Women’s Words exhibition during her time with us.

Glasgow Women's Library at 23 Landressy Street, Bridgeton

We’re recruiting!

The deadline for applications for this post has now passed.

Glasgow Women’s Library is seeking to recruit a Facilities Management Officer.

If the Space Suit Fits: GWL Launch Space Outpost Mission

Glasgow Women’s Library today announced plans to take their Library, Museum and Archive to new heights with the launch of their Space Outpost Mission.

Open the Door logo

GWL Launches Plans for Open the Door 2019

We’re thrilled to launch more news about Open the Door 2019, the third outing of Scotland’s literary festival that puts women to the fore.