GWL + FLUP: The Podcast with Natasha A. Kelly

Two women standing side by side in front of a FLUP banner.
Tomiwa (R) with Natasha A. Kelly (L)

In this first episode of Glasgow Women’s Library and FLUP the podcast, Tomiwa Folorunso sits down with author, curator and lecturer Dr. Natasha A. Kelly. From Rio de Janeiro they discuss Natasha’s activism, her work as an academic, artist and what it is like to exist in this world with a black body.


If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast episode, you can download a word version here.

Find Out More

Natasha A. Kelly:

Natasha’s Edinburgh Film Screening (Milli’s Awakening):

Tomiwa Folorunso:

Tomiwa’s Blog Post about FLUP:





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