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Large round sticker with white background featuring a skull and crossbones topped with skate wheels, promoting the Windy City Rollers, Chicago. Includes the URL

NMRD Sticker of the Month: May 2022

The 1880’s saw the emergence of roller skating, and races developed soon after. Roller Derby was founded by Leo Seltzer in Chicago in 1933. Here, the sport was co-ed with both male and female players, and on the track, all players were equal. It was immensely popular in its day, however, its popularity had its ups and downs (at its height, roller derby sold out Maddison Square Gardens). However, it made a more recent comeback in the 2000s.

Round sticker featuring a cartoon image of a skater in blue crouching down, looking over her shoulder, with a blue border and 'Brighton Rockers' in black lettering around the edges.

NMRD Sticker of the Month: April 2022

For many who wear ‘boutfits’ on the track, the combination of playing a fierce and violent contact sport and wearing provocative outfits shows that women do not need to choose between being sexy and tough: they can be both.
However, many teams, in an effort to break the mould and transform from a fun league to a professional one, have ditched the ‘boutfits’

Rectangular sticker promoting Team Germany at the inaugural Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto 2011 featuring Polly Purgatory #13 of SVRG Stuttgart

NMRD Sticker of the Month: March 2022

the artwork has retained its punk-rock origins as does a lot of the team, player, and bout names; many of the names allude to cultural and popular references. This is not unlike wrestling, in which pseudonyms are adopted in order to appear more fierce and threatening to the opponent. In the sticker above, we can see that this Stuttgart player from Germany has taken on the name “Polly Purgatory” to show that she means to send her opponents to a form of hell. This helps to showcase the fun, quirky, and humorous nature of the sport of roller derby.

Glasgow Roller Derby (Sticker)

NMRD Sticker of the Month: February 2022

Glasgow Roller Derby was one of the first roller derby teams to be founded in Scotland in 2007; fourth team in the UK after London Roller Girls, London Rockin’ Rollers, and Birmingham Blitz Dames.

"We Love This Game" sticker: GWL

NMRD Sticker of the Month: January 2022

Roller Derby is truly the epitome of a grassroots and volunteer led sport and a lot of passion and drive is instilled into the bouts and competitions. Often, players can assume an alter-ego or pseudonym character to play under, akin to the sport of wrestling. Players can illustrate movements and groups that they support and put their personalities on display and one way of doing this is to decorate their helmets with stickers. Above we see a sticker which states, “WE LOVE THIS GAME!” In 2022, this series of Object of the Month will delve deeply into stickers and how they are utilised in the sport.