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Volunteer Stories – Three Decades of Volunteering

Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) celebrated its 30th anniversary in September 2021. We were thrilled to be recipients of a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for a two year […]

Beverly McFarlane and her journey with activism

I was brought up with a strong sense of right and wrong, but ironically, some of those who taught me failed to abide by their own teaching. Bullying, physical and […]

Women in Profile: From Glasgow to Nuremberg

As part of her placement at GWL, Catherine spent time in the archive researching the library’s international connections to queer and feminist groups and institutions. She also had the pleasure of speaking with Adele Patrick about her memories of Women in Profile’s early links to international groups.

From ‘Mother House’ to ‘Role Play’, placement student Viki explores the work of artist Pamela So

As part of our ‘GWL Origins: Pre-internet Community Building’ exhibition GWL recreated a vinyl window text site from Pam So’s ‘Mother House’ (1998) exhibited in the prior Trongate space of […]

Poster for the LiPS project which reads "LiPS, LEsbians in peer Support" in red and black letters with a large red lipstick lip marks across the poster

“A Guiding Hand” – Founding Lesbians in Peer Support (LIPS)

This blog is the first in a series of three blogs by Catherine who is doing a six month placement at GWL as part of her PhD. Over the past three months she has been exploring the Lesbians in Peer Support (LIPS) collection which is part of GWL’s organisational archive.

Blog 3 – Reflections before Christmas

Nearly half way there. I want to share that my first project, transforming digital evaluation strategies for GWL’s 30th anniversary, is sadly, coming to an end. Not just yet but […]

Detail from cover of GWL Newsletter Issue 29 (2004) showing two people in the Women's Community Garden, with the text "Blooming! Seeds of Change at GWL"

Green Growth from Seeds of Change: GWL has a Green Thumb!

Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) celebrated its 30th anniversary in September 2021. As we now enter our fourth decade we ‘look back to move forward’ through our 30 Years of Changing […]

Photograph of an anti-nuclear poster. Poster is advertising an activist meet up/ call to act to fight against nuclear waste and save Scotland's rural areas from nuclear development.

Green Growth from Seeds of Change: Green Events at GWL

In her third blog student placement Amelia takes a look back at Green Events at GWL over the last decade… Whilst trying to map environmentalism at Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) […]

The library's garden in April 2020 blooming mainly in reds and yellows. With the black lift shaft (with book titles on it) in the background.

Green Growth from Seeds of Change: In Conversation with the Green Cluster

Student Placement Amelia’s second blog on GWL’s work with the environment… The Green Cluster, at Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL), is a group of women at the library who aim to […]

Detail of front cover of issue 29 of the GWL Newsletter, reading "Blooming! Seeds of change at GWL"

Green Growth from Seeds of Change: Introduction

Amelia is studying a Masters in Applied Gender Studies at Strathclyde University and completed her placement with us in April. Read her first in a series of blogs focusing on […]