So my journey begins a new chapter

I am a mother of three children, a wife, a daughter, auntie – the list goes on. Life has always been busy, if not running an office, there was always something to organise or make time for. Lockdown came, and with my husband and kids busy with their own lives, I fell into my normal […]

The Meridian Story

Glasgow Women’s Library is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, with a series of short films and a conversation event about the Meridian – Glasgow’s first Women’s Centre dedicated to breaking down barriers and empowering BAME women. Opening in the early 90s, this vibrant and engaging space hosted women from all the city, […]

16 Days 16 Stories

Amina-the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre is proud to be supporting 16 Days of Action this year, with a series of 16 short films based on stories of abuse from Muslim and BME women across Scotland. In collaboration with Glasgow’s Women’s Library, “16 days, 16 stories” emotes, educates and explores gender-based violence.  Violence against women is a world-wide […]

Me at Last – Noren Haq

My primary school teacher once asked me, “Who are you?”. I gave her my name. “No”, she said smiling, “I mean, how would you describe yourself using one word?” I looked up at her from my cross-legged position on the floor. My classmates around me started to shift and fidget. I took a moment to […]

Still from the film Shifting Sands - the image is blurry, but you can make out the figure of a man standing over a woman who is hunched in on herself.

New film combating Coercive Control in intimate relationships

The film Shifting Sands is a powerful drama which describes some of the ways in which a woman becomes entangled in a web of power and control in her marital relationship. Her family and friends cannot see what is happening until it affects her mental and physical health.  Even then the control is so subtle […]

A book which changed my life

Many of us will have a book that we hold close to our heart. As part of Book Week Scotland, Glasgow Women’s Library are hosting A Book Which Changed my Life, an evening celebrating three emerging BME women writers based in Scotland about a book which has changed their life. But we want to showcase […]

March of Women – Representing women accross the globe

Glasgow Women’s Library has been buzzing lately with all the preparations for MARCH oF WOMEN which is taking place on Saturday 7th March! On this day, a procession of women from Glasgow and beyond (all wearing white) will spill out of Glasgow Women’s Library onto the streets of Bridgeton to celebrate the achievements of women […]

Reading Group for Muslim Women

  The next book for the Reading Group has arrived!  The book is called ‘Khadija; The first Muslim and wife of Prophet Muhammad’ which explores the birth period of Islam with a focus on one of the most prominent and respected Muslim women in history. Addressing her devotion and her leadership roles in Mecca, this […]

Home-grown Recipes Project

  It has been lovely working with the women at the Minority Ethnic Elderly Care Centre (MECC) in Govanhill exploring their favourite traditional recipes and hearing about the stories that go with them.   A total of 6 recipes will be collected and, along with their stories of growing and cooking, will be used to create […]

She sells ‘She Settles in the Shields’…

She Settles in the Shields provides a unique opportunity to meet the women who travelled to Scotland from all over the world, in search of family, love and security. Published by Glasgow Women’s Library, this book is now available to buy in the Library or online for just £9.95*.