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Amina-the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre is proud to be supporting 16 Days of Action this year, with a series of 16 short films based on stories of abuse from Muslim and BME women across Scotland. In collaboration with Glasgow’s Women’s Library, “16 days, 16 stories” emotes, educates and explores gender-based violence. 

Violence against women is a world-wide issue that knows no boundaries and affects women from all different backgrounds. 16 days of Action aims to emphasise that gender-based violence is a human rights issue and strives to create a world where gender-based violence is eradicated.

Spanning across 16 days from 25th November to 10th December, a new story will be shared each day to highlight a form of gender-based violence. The aim is to amplify the voice of the survivor sharing their story and highlight the often under-reported and misunderstood violation of human rights some women experience. 

Many survivors live with the reality of abuse long after leaving, with everyday items – like a bunch of flowers or a child’s toy – having the power to trigger memories of violence, sexual abuse or coercive control. “16 days, 16 stories” displays the impact abuse has on women on a daily basis, with each film illustrating not only the different needs and experiences of survivors but the additional barriers imposed on Muslim and BME women.

To ensure the survivor’s anonymity, the 16 short films feature members of the community who wanted to support the violence against women campaign.

“16 days, 16 stories” aims to challenge attitudes, values and the structures that sustain gender-based violence. AMINA and Glasgow Women’s Library strive for a fairer Scotland, ensuring that women’s voices are heard, valued and celebrated.

Follow @aminamwrc and @womenslibrary this #16daysofaction to hear a survivor’s story every day from 25th November to 10th December.

By Leanne Jeffrey

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