Ashley Green

Image shows a page from Kate's comic 'Sensible Footwear' shows stickers, people and significant dates for LGBTQ+ culture in the 80s.

In Conversation with Kate Charlesworth and Shazleen Khan: A Review for GWL’s Open the Door Festival

A review of my night at GWL’s Open the Door with Kate Charlesworth and Shazleen Khan talking all things graphic novels.

Image shows four Fearless issues. Issue most visible to viewer has Captain Marvel illustration. Lightning comes from her fists and she is in combat mode.

Women & Graphic Novels: A Guide

Hello everyone, it’s Ashley here to talk all things feminist and queer in graphic novels. On Tuesday, if you were on twitter, you might have noticed my thread on the […]

The Witch, the Raven, and the Festival

Isabel Greenberg’s Art Celebrates the Forgotten Women of Shetland History You could be mistaken for thinking the Up Helly Aa festival was all sunshine and rainbows because I suppose to […]

Spring Programme Launch Night

A little review on launch night of GWL Spring Launch programme.

A Very Bold Promo!

If this blog interests you, join us for our Bold Types Showcase, and hear the shortlisted writers read from their work. An encouraging and creative evening of celebration!

The Amazing Work of Scarlett Crawford

This blog gives information into the launch of the First Waves project by Scarlett Crawford that is being displayed at GWL.

My Saturday on the Women’s Heritage Walk

Hi all! My names Ashley and I’m excited to be volunteering at GWL attending and writing about events. The Heritage Walk was amazing and incredibly informative of amazing women in Glasgow’s East End. I can’t wait to attend others.