A close-up of some of the different patchworks which make up the Eve/Hawa quilt.

Coming together during the storm: a review of GWL exhibitions

As it gets increasingly more difficult to read or watch the news (I could put a long list here of everything that is so very wrong with the world at […]

A group of people in the GWL mezzanine looking at archive material.

The power of learning: the link between Mary, Queen of Scots and the GWL

As I embark on my PhD at the University of Glasgow – looking at masculinities within early modern universities – I have been ruminating on processes of learning and thinking […]

A photo of a person reading a physical copy of the Handbook to Net Zero.

Net Zero – the goal we’re all striving for

On the 29th of June the GWL hosted ‘Towards a Green Library’ where the GWL Handbook to Net Zero was showcased. The event was an informative one, where several staff […]

A photo of our volunteer Ashley - a white woman with long light brown hair and a grey cap on, smiling in front of the sea.

Volunteer Story – Ashley

Inspired by the “Volunteer Profiles” which featured in the GWL newsletters published in the 1990’s and 2000’s, we’re introducing some of our current volunteers, to highlight how they support our work […]

Writers who are activists – Ursula Le Guin

The launch of our Summer programme brings with it the start of our literary festival Open the Door 2023 – a bold, ambitious celebration of women’s writing, reading and creativity, brimful […]

A portrait of Anne of Denmark from between 1606 and 1615.

A home away from home: foreign women coming to Scotland’s shores

On the 1st of May 1590, Anne of Denmark – the new Queen of Scotland – landed with her husband, King James VI, at Leith, Edinburgh. This moment marked a […]

A stained-glass depiction of Saint Margaret of Scotland where she is depicted with a halo and surrounded by angels.

A long history: women in Scottish religion

My name is Ashley Thompson and I’m a current volunteer at GWL. When I’m not volunteering, I’m a history student whose passion is gender history, focussing on expressions of femininity […]