Staff, volunteers, interns and student placements share updates from projects and events at Glasgow Women’s Library

Fighting the Taboo of Menstruation on Archaeological Sites

In celebration of National Period Day, this blog celebrates the progress being made within the professional heritage environment, to provide clean and safe menstrual products for all.

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What we’re doing for COP26

In the lead up to and during COP26 we have a range of ways you can find out more about women’s role in tackling climate change and come together with others to learn and share experiences.

A small sketchbook. On the left hand page there are various illustrations of images related to Shetland such as viking long boats and flags. There is writing that says 'Woman speaks out' and 'Women to reclaim Lerwick fire festivall'. The right hand page has text that reads 'We axe for what we want' in blue letting, with the GAADA symbol underneath - a blue line drawing of the GAADA premises.

Gaada – Lukkie Minnie’s Foy

This blog is written by GWL volunteer Beverly McFarlane in response to the Weemin’s Wark exhibition and collaborative project between Glasgow Women’s Library and Gaada, an artist-led organisation based in Shetland. A glossary is included at the end of this blog. Introduction Gaada is an artist-led initiative currently based in Burra Isle, Shetland. They work […]

Image announcing the Story Café Special at GWL in collaboration with T2F at PeaceNiche

Story Café Special: Literature Beyond Borders

Read about our first international Story Café Special: Literature Beyond Borders, as we celebrated the wonderful collaboration with T2F at PeaceNiche.

1970s fashion spread from Jackie Summer Special titled "Double-Take Cover Ups!"

Memories of a Girl Unfolding

As GWL embarks on our 30th anniversary celebrations, we’re delighted to share another blog post written by longtime supporter and donor Shirley Henderson. This time, Shirley unfolds a ten-year journey from girl to woman via a treasure trove of pamphlets. What links the Jackie guide to love and happiness to the Feminist Collective guide to […]

“We Now Know that We Can Do Anything!”

How Book Bunk and GWL have Thrived under the Pandemic Our ‘Thriving Through Covid’ Mistress Class brought us together again with our much-loved sister organisation Book Bunk, who are working tirelessly to revitalise and reimagine public library spaces in Nairobi. We were thrilled to be partnered with Book Bunk in 2019-2020, as part of a […]

Old photograph of a shop front in Garnethil with a a sign reading Women's Library in uneven text

GWL at 30

On this day in 1991, in a draughty little shopfront in Garnethill, Glasgow Women’s Library opened its doors for the first time. Now happily settled in our permanent home in Bridgeton, we are taking time over this anniversary year to ‘look back to move forward’.

GWL- The Library for the Modern Woman

After our whirlwind tour through the history of the Bridgeton Public Library, I think that the main take away from its story is that no matter what year we are in, or the social and economic conditions, the library has always and will always remain an important part of our culture. Emerging from humble roots, […]

A Library for Modern Bridgeton?

Whilst we have seen how the establishment of the library benefited the women of industrialising Bridgeton, how did the library modernise? In this blog post, we explore how in the face of changing economic circumstances, the library served the changing needs of Bridgeton’s population. Relative to the upheaval and influence of industrialisation in Glasgow were […]