Bold Types 2020 Finalist – Sarah Case

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Future Fears


I am worried

about the future of the spider living under my floorboards

and the shrub growing out of my front step

I fear they may both die soon but

my research is inconclusive


I worry for the future of my keys

Last week I found them in the freezer

Who knows?

Dear God, who knows

what I might do next


I am concerned for the future of nail polish

What if they forget how to make it

or the nail polish factory succumbs to decay?

My nails will show my true self, vulnerable


and alone


I spend time worrying

about the future of my sister

She has so many secrets     under her hat


I worry for the future of old buildings in my city

Will they fade fade fade

Like the car factories in Detroit

Like the colonial homes in Cuba

crumbling onto the street


I’m so worried

For the future of art and dance

In my nightmares

the film theatre shuts down

My favourite author dies

and I can’t find the answers to burning questions I don’t yet own


I worry

about the future of blue whales and their sweet songs of the sea

The coral reefs

Delicate skeletons

Suffocating and sunburned



Our planet

I fear for the most

Sycamore, Sacoya, Sweet Chestnut

We’re so

so sorry



I am worried for the future of our hearts

I’m really not sure

how much more

we can take


by Sarah Case


All text appears as provided by the author.