Archive Item of the Month

Archive Item of the Month: Music and Liberation

November has been the month of music at Glasgow Women’s Library, with the arrival of the eagerly anticipated exhibition Music and Liberation 1970 – 1989. Deciding which item to feature as Archive Item of the Month was extremely difficult with so many fantastic objects within my reach.

Archive Item of the Month: Elaine Frances Burton’s Travel Album

July’s Archive Item of the Month has a sporting theme to it. Elaine, one of our volunteers, explores the fascinating travel album of Elaine Frances Burton and her many achievements. Archive Item of the Month Celebrating Women in Sport In relation to the much anticipated Olympic Games in London this summer, this month’s archive item […]

Archive Item of the Month: Jus Suffragii

This month, GWL celebrates International Archives Day (9th June). Yi Wen, one of our volunteers, explores Jus Suffragii, the International Women’s Suffrage Newsletter. Jus Suffragii, or The International Woman Suffrage News was published by an organisation called The International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA). The Alliance began in 1902 in Washington, United States of America when […]

Archive Item of the Month: Zines

Archive Item of the Month: Sappho

To celebrate LGBT History Month, this month’s item from the Archive comes from the Lesbian Archive. In this post Alice Andrews, one of our , talks about Sappho magazine and its important role in Lesbian history.

Greenham Common in the Archive

This month not only marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Glasgow Women’s Library but also it is 30 years since women arrived at RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire in order to oppose the siting of 96 nuclear cruise missiles at the base.

At the library we have some items relating to Greenham Common and other materials from the women’s peace movement including badges, music and leaflets.

The Edible Archive

The Scottish Council on Archives is running a project to collect recipes, from families and individuals, from the familiar to the bizarre. With this in mind, I thought I would see what we had within our collections.