Lines of Flight

A Life of One’s Own

A Life of One’s Own, by Marion Milner: a graphic review by Heather Middleton.

Read Out! Read In!

Artists Kate Davis and Faith Wilding developed Feminist Lines of Flight in 2010, inviting a diverse group of people to add their feminist ‘must reads’ and ‘must sees’ to an inspiring list now available on our website.

Your Lines of Flight: Various

During the initial ‘Feminist Lines of Flight’ project, an number of people shared their own lines of flight… Fiona Byrne-Sutton February 1, 2010 Poetry Window for a Small Blue Child by Gerrie Fellows Carcanet Press 2007 ISBN: 978 1 85754 888 4 The Powerlines by Gerrie Fellows Polygon, 2000 ISBN 0 74866278 2 (paperback) Other […]

Sam Ainsley

To be enjoyed with sushi and red wine“ (I have an ex-student who could maybe make sushi, if we provide the ingredients?)” Doris Lessing: The Golden Notebook London: HarperPerennial, 2007 Find out more here. Canopus in Argos series (esp. The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five) London: Flamingo, 1994 More information available here. Memoirs […]

Alice Andrews

Judy Chicago, Miriam Schapiro et. al. Womanhouse Exhibition catalogue. Valencia, CA: Feminist Art Program, California Institute of the Arts, 1971 Read it here. Miriam Schapiro (ed.) Anonymous Was A Woman: A Documentation of the Women’s Art Festival, a Collection of Letters to a Young Women Artists Valencia, CA: Feminist Art Program, California Institute of the […]

Irina Aristarkhova

Robert Mapplethorpe Louise Bourgeois in 1982 with ‘Filette’ (1968) United States of America. Its people, and especially, its creative people, have taught me a lot about ‘going on’. For more, see The Lady who Loved Insects From the 12th century collection of short stories Tsutsumi-chunagon Monogatari. The text is included in the Anthology of Japanese Literature […]

Olivia Bliss

Mary Mellor Feminism and Ecology Cambridge: Polity Press, 1997 Find out more here. Carol Bigwood Earth Muse: Feminism, Nature and Art Philadelphia: Temple UP, 1993. Available here, or read more here. Olga Viso et. al. Ana Mendieta: Earth Body Ostfildern, Germany: Hatje Cantz Publishers, 2004 Available here.

Gregg Bordowitz

Agnes Smedley Daughter of Earth New York: Feminist Press at the City University of NY, 1987 Angela Carter Nights at the Circus London: Vintage, 1998 Yvonne Rainer Feelings are Facts Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2006

Jason E. Bowman

Monica Ross: Valentine Milch Gallery 2000 Find more information here. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights EXHIBITIONS Monica Ross: Anniversary – An Act of Memory Sound and visual documentation Here an audio recording here, or read more about the project here. If anyone is able to help us locate the following works or any relevant […]

Beth Capper

Simone de Beauvoir The Woman Destroyed London: HarperPerennial 2006 Available here. Eve K. Sedgwick Paranoid Reading and Reparative Reading, Or, You’re So Paranoid You Probably Think This Essay is About You… In Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2003 Find more information here. Judith Butler Gender Trouble London: Routledge, 2006 Find more resources […]