Elaine Buri

My Two Week Placement

I was really nervous to begin with, because I’ve never done anything like this before, but it only took a couple of days (and many, many cups of tea!) for me to settle in.

Top 10 Books for Teenage Girls

This is a list of Young Adult novels with positive female role models and messages for teenage girls. Hopefully you haven’t already read all of these – I deliberately chose books that some people might overlook. The ones marked with a * are available for loan (and we would love any donations of the others!) […]

Review of “The Blemished” by Sarah Dalton

When it comes to teenage books with a feminist message and a positive role model, “The Blemished” series is one of the first books that I think of. It takes place in a dystopian Britain which is governed by the Genetic Enhancement Ministry. This means that those who are genetically modified (GEM’s) have a very […]

Seeing Things: GOMA Generation Exhibition

Generation is a series of exhibitions of 25 years of Scottish contemporary art. The exhibitions are being shown across Scotland between March and November 2014, and we went to see the ones being displayed at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art as part of the Seeing Things project.

Top 10 Books for Girls

This is a list of books which have good role models and messages for girls. The age ratings are really just a guide to show whether the books are for younger or older children and I’ve included a short summary of each. Happy reading!