Paying it Forward for Collect:if Herland

This week we’re excited to announce our full line-up for our upcoming Herland curated by Collect:if. Collect:if is a GWL based network bringing together Women of Colour (WoC) who are established figures in the arts, culture and creative industries in Scotland and those who are developing their practice. For this Herland, Collect:if members from across Scotland are collaborating to bring together a truly ground-breaking evening of arts and cutting edge performances by women working across an array of genres. This promises to be a landmark evening when Women of Colour take to the stage, call the shots and showcase some of the best in performance, music, and food, blended with the welcoming, uplifting Herland flavour.

The fantastic line-up for this event includes: Sim Bajwa, Edinburgh based writer and contributor to Nasty Women; Sister, a collective who explore the experiences and challenges faced by mixed race Scottish women; Clan Macondo, a group who promote Latin American and AfroCaribbean culture through music and dance; the talented flautists Diljeet Bhachu and Hannah Lee; Suria Tei (Chiew-Siah Tei), author of ‘The Mouse Deer Kingdom’ and ‘Little Hut of Leaping Fishes’ and Nags Kamel, visual artist and filmmaker. This event is open to all and you can find more information here.

We are always striving to be as open, inclusive and accessible as possible with the majority of our events costing as little as £2 with free subsidised places for those who cannot afford to pay. Recently we introduced our Pay it Forward scheme for our new literary festival Open the Door, to ensure that as many women as possible can benefit from the unique literary event. From the success of this scheme, we have chosen to introduce a Pay it Forward fund specifically for Collect:if Herland, as we know that the subsidised ticket price of £10 is not affordable for all women and we hope to specifically enable more Women of Colour to attend this event.

The idea behind the scheme is simple: if you donate to the Pay it Forward fund, you’ll be supporting those who currently can’t afford the ticket price. In this instance, the fund will enable us to offer free tickets to Women of Colour who would not otherwise be able to attend, and also help us support the WoC creatives involved in the event.

By contributing to our Pay it Forward fund, you’ll be opening the door for others to experience something they may otherwise miss out on. So if you can, please consider contributing to the Pay it Forward fund by selecting the Pay it Forward donation on our Collect:if Herland event page.

We’d like to thank you for your generous contributions to Pay it Forward already for Open the Door, and let you know that we’ll be reflecting on the introduction of the scheme for Open the Door and Collect:if Herland at the end of May, so look out for more news on Pay it Forward then.

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