Moving Mountains Bibliography

This bibliography maps Adele’s reading during and after the Clore Fellowship and relates to the key themes and research undertaken around (feminist) leadership. It also includes texts identified by the wider research team at GWL considered we consider may be of interest to others exploring this topic. Adele has highlighted the texts that were of particular importance for her during the research and has indicated the texts that she has produced during the Clore and Post Fellowship Research period.

Download: Moving Mountains Extended Bibliography

Cover of A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit (A series of blue hills looking hazy and merging with the clouds. The authors name is at the top in black and the title is in white capital letters.)

Cover of Living a Feminist Life by Sarah Ahmed (The cover features a watercolour rendering of the woman power symbol, combining the symbol for Venus and an upheld fist, in rich pink and yellow tones on a white background. The title is in grey, and there's a quote from bell hooks 'Everyone should read this book'))

Cover of Jizzen by Kathleen Jamie. (The cover features a stylised illustration of the head an shoulders of a woman wearing a flower crown in soft, warm colours)

Additional Downloads

Download: Feminist Leadership : how naming and claiming the F word can lead the cultural sector out of equalities ‘stuckness’, Adele Patrick. Provocation Paper, Clore Leadership Fellowship (2018/2019).

Download: Responses for Barbican Making Space project.
Responses by Adele Patrick for a project entitled ‘Making Space’, commissioned in 2019 by the Barbican as part of a research project supported by the British Council’s Creative Economy team. The Barbican invited five cultural producers from the UK and internationally to reflect in writing on their practice, built around the central question: How can cultural producers (both as individuals and as part of institutions) become more responsive to an increasingly complex world beyond their walls, and play a stronger role in civic and social life?