Ingrid Pollard: References

Here is a list of some of the references shared by Ingrid Pollard as part of her solo exhibition No Cover Up at Glasgow Women’s Library from 28th May to 23rd July 2021. Some of these articles and books are highlighted on the ‘Context Wall’ as part of the exhibition in the Upstairs Gallery at GWL. These reference campaigns and demonstrations such as Bradford 12, Newham 8, Who Killed Colin Roach, and Hands Off Grenada, as well as information about Lenthall Road Workshop.

London Community Video Archive interview with Femi Otitoju

London Community Video Archive Extracts from Who Killed Colin Roach? Isaac Julien’s first film, which reflects upon the death of Colin Roach.

London Community Video Archive sharing of a Report in The Voice following the dismissal of charges against James Roach, arrested at a demonstration demanding a public enquiry into his son’s death.

Resisting racism: the Bradford 12 defence campaign article by by Dr Anandi Ramamurthy.

Runnymede Trust bulletin ‘Newham 8 Arrested’

Newham 8, Personal testaments shared by Newham Monitoring Project

Hands off Grenada newpaper articles

Information about United States invasion of Grenada on Wikipedia

For further information about Lenthall Road Workshop see Printing Is Easy: Community Printshops, 1970 – 1986 or The Rio Tape/Slide Archive Book, Produced by Dalston-based Isola Press for the Rio, with authors Alan Denney, Tamara Stoll and Andrew Woodyatt. These books are available to read at GWL.

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