The stolen letters: a herstory of Spanish women writers

Laura is a Spanish researcher who is on placement with GWL for 3 months.  She’ll be introducing some Spanish women writers at this week’s Story Cafe. 

Black and white imagephoto of two women leaning over documents on a desk, pen in hand. Looks like the photo was taken in the mid 20th century.
Women at the National Library of Spain Credit Carlos Montes

Did you know women in Spain were not allowed to go into a library until 1837? It was Antonia Gutiérrez Bueno who achieved women’s right to equal access to library’s services.

At that time she was working on a dictionary of historical women and she required the access of the documents for it. This was the beginning of something else. Since then every woman has been welcome in a library and also to knowledge.

As the feminist philosopher-writer Celia Amorós said, “every power is based on genealogy”, because history is built with historical precedents.

At this week’s Story Cafe on Thursday 13th February 2020 we are going to  recover part of the history which still is hidden and discover the work of Spanish women writers in a cultural atmosphere full of typical Spanish brunch, English and Spanish readings and translations.

About the Story Cafe

Story Café is great if you’re new to reading, are struggling to find the time to read, or just want to enjoy listening to stories and poems being read aloud. It’s the perfect way to try different types of writing, and a brilliant way to meet people. We love to see new faces around the table, so why not top up your tea and become part of t

he story. Packed lunches welcome!


This event is for women only* and there is no need to book. *All women-only events are inclusive of Trans and Intersex women, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people.

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