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Khadija  The next book for the Reading Group has arrived!  The book is called ‘Khadija; The first Muslim and wife of Prophet Muhammad’ which explores the birth period of Islam with a focus on one of the most prominent and respected Muslim women in history. Addressing her devotion and her leadership roles in Mecca, this book shines light on a figure who is an inspiration to women, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

Khadija is also one of our many inspirational ladies included in the Women’s Library archives.

The reading group are looking forward to learning more about this magnificent lady!  The next meeting for reading group take place on Thursday 26th September where the women will discuss the book.  They will also take part in the women’s library ‘Illuminated Letters’ workshop, a creative project in partnership with GOMA, which invites women across the world to write illuminated letters of love and honour to an inspirational woman.

Only a few copies of the book left now.  Please get in touch with Syma at the women’s library to reserve your copy!

email:          phone: 0141 248 9969




Last year a group of Muslim women got in touch with the women’s library to help them organise a reading group.  With the help of existing connections within Glasgow libraries we were able to set up, support and facilitate monthly reading group meetings at the Women’s Library.  The first book the women identified for reading was ‘Reclaim your Heart’ by Yasmin Mogahed, an inspirational speaker based in America.  Funnily enough Yasmin Mogahed was going to be visiting Scotland for her book tour in June 2013.  It was a great opportunity for the women to get a chance to meet the author shortly after having read and discussed her book.  (Please see below a book review by our lovely participant Tabassum)

After the book group have finished with the books they are returned to Mitchell Library and distributed to various Glasgow Libraries for borrowing. In this way we are able to build upon a collection of books within the Glasgow Libraries which are of interest to Muslim women.

We hope to replicate this method for working with other BME women’s groups across Scotland.


Book Review by Tabassum Niamat

Reclaim your Heart

Author: Yasmin Mogahed

Reclaim your heart  ‘Many of us at some point in our lives will find ourselves in a situation where we may feel at a loss due to bereavement, ending of a relationship, maybe even financial woes. There will be many events in our lives that may lead to depression or sadness. This is a fact of life for all, as no one person can be happy or sad all the time. There are also medical factors which can be a reason for an individual to be in the midst of depression.

This book offers a more spiritual focus to help one to come to terms or even understand that phase in our lives. There are many passages from the Quran as a reference as well as the Authors own perspective on those verses. This book very much asks us to face hard truths which we may feel reluctant to acknowledge; our environment, lifestyle and media all play a role in our lives and have an impact on us.

The book is broken down in very short but informative chapters dealing with a whole range of topics and each topic gives the reader an insight to the problem and then the solution. I found the book dealt with the issues head on, for me it was a great read. The focus was on the connection between the creator and the creation which is often lost or misplaced due to our own Human weakness and fragility, The book gives us a means to try to better understand what our purpose is and how we can overcome our fears and anxiety by turning to our Creator and rebuilding that relationship.

I took a lot of positives from this book as it made a whole lot of sense and it resonated with me’    [Tabassum]

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