Clydeside Women’s Heritage Bike Ride


Image courtesy Belles on Bikes
Image courtesy Belles on Bikes

We launched our first Women’s Heritage Bike Ride in June 2014, as part of Glasgow Cycle Festival, and we hope to develop more in the future as there are still many more fascinating hidden stories of women to uncover.

This ride is a way of combining a gentle ride along a safe cycle path with the discovery of some little known facts about women and cycling: the role of the bicycle in women’s activism, how trousers became part of our wardrobes, and why women should avoid cycling at all costs (according to the Victorians!) are amongst some of them.

You can download a copy of the ride map here or pick one up next time you visit GWL and explore the ride on your own or with friends. We also offer guided rides: please check our current programme of upcoming events if you would like to book onto the next one.

Download: Clydeside Women’s Heritage Bike Ride (pdf)

As with all of our projects volunteers play a big role in the research and delivery of the ride. If you are interested in helping to tour guide or to join our women’s history detectives please contact us to find out more.

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