The Lives of Saints by Ruth Barker

The Lives of Saint’s by Ruth Barker

This meditative sequence of short aural pieces can be downloaded and enjoyed in two ways. 1. Download and listen to The Lives of Saints interspersed with the East End Women’s Heritage Walk and experience both the artists work and the walk that inspired this piece while following the route of the walk. 2. Download and listen to The Lives of Saints as a discrete art work Ruth Barker Performance (web)Artists Ruth Barker and Kim Moore have made work in response to Glasgow Women’s Library’s East End Women’s Heritage Walk for this years Glasgow International Festival. Please note the above downloads are zip files, there may be some issues downloading to mobile devices, if this is the case please download to a PC, laptop or Mac and sync with your device. 

Palaces, Ballrooms & Battling Betty McAllister: Hidden Histories of Art & Culture in Glasgow’s East End

Barker uses live performance and spoken word poetry to re-tell ancient myths through the lens of her own unconscious associations. She has produced a new meditative sequence of short aural pieces, The Lives of Saints, evoking the stories of women including Saint Teneu and the lost witch Maggie Wall.

We run. We walk. We run is a new sound piece created by Kim Moore using binaural recordings of real and unreal spaces inspired by histories and stories of women and walking in Glasgow’s East End.

Both artists’ sound pieces are to be experienced in and around Bridgeton, the new neighbourhood of Glasgow Women’s Library.

Glasgow International LogoThis work has been supported by Glasgow International and we would like to say a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the development of this work, particularly Carolann Burns and Platform Arts for their support in recording Ruth Barker’s piece.