DJCAD Motion Graphics – Jessie Kesson

We invited second year Graphics Design students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design to create a moving image graphic featuring a quote by one of the three writers featured in this year’s Open the Door festival.

In the last three years we’ve been lucky enough to work with students at Further Education and Higher Education institutions around Scotland inviting them to make new work inspired by women writers or activists.

The work they develop is such a treat for us and our audiences, and we’re delighted to share these varied and insightful responses by DJCAD students informed by writers Maria Firmina dos Reis, Jessie Kesson and Wangari Maathai during Open the Door 2020.

“I created a video to celebrate Jessie Kesson’s joyful spirit despite her difficult upbringing. She spent some time in a mental asylum and struggled to fulfil her professional writing career as a woman in an unequal society. She found therapy and inspiration in the nature of the Scottish Highlands. I designed this motion graphic to highlight this connection by visualising brain structures and topographic contour maps.” – Katrina High

I was given the Scottish novelist Jessie Kesson and through my research of her life and upbringing I wanted to focus on where she grew up, and the rural and natural environment being a big part of her life. – Tessa Minshull