Postcard: “We want our vote!”

Part of the Museum & Women's Suffrage collections.

Anti-suffragette postcard of two infants in lace bonnets heartily bawling, with the caption “We want our vote!”

Published by Valentine and Son, Dundee

Inscription on the reverse: “From Mrs Colhen [?] with love to Sir Mitchell dear Sir and Mam a PC saying we got home on Sunday at One and I shall be over on Saturday between two and 3 o’clock so set up twon to me by myself so dear Sir this is a note so cheer up for Hugh is well and so is wife so goodbye for the time so write and get back [?] give Mons [?] Mitchell my love and [illegible word] Mother xxxxx kiss for the babys xxxx”

In top left-hand corner: “be up Friday morning instead of Sunday as I can’t get a man[?] so try to come up to me”.

Addressed to: Mr. Ebby Mitchell, Kehelland, Cambrone (misspelling of Camborne, Cornwall). No postmark.

Item details

Date: Early 20th Century

Catalogue record: 2010.54

Type of object:

Material or medium: Printed Material

Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 10.5 cm

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