Vote 100 Featured Films

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, GWL is developing an animated web resource highlighting the forgotten heroines who have campaigned for women across the world to have the right to vote.

These films are unique animations that showcase not only the achievements of these often overlooked women but also the rich talents of up-and-coming animators from across Scotland. An educational toolkit to accompany the animations will be launched later in the year.

Tekla Hultin

Tekla Hultin was Finland’s second female doctor and founded the Finnish Women’s Union in 1907.

Muriel Matters

Australian-born suffragette Muriel Matters once sailed over London in an airship with ‘Votes for Women’ on the side, dropping leaflets.

Ethel Moorhead

Ethel Moorhead, an artist from Dundee, was known as Scotland’s most turbulent Suffragette.

Lila Clunas

Lila Clunas was a primary school teacher with a passion for women’s rights.

Flora Drummond

Flora Drummond was a Suffragette raised on the Isle of Arran. She was known as The General due to the uniform she wore and the horse she rode at the head of Suffragette parades.

Draga Ljočić

Draga Ljočić was the first woman doctor in Serbia. She was accused of promoting immorality for advocating equal professional rights for men and women.