Information Videos in BSL

These four British Sign Language (BSL) videos give an introduction to Glasgow Women’s Library – our values, history, and our collections, as well as how you can get involved. The videos were created with Deaf Action following funding from the Area Budget Fund Grant.

These videos are signed in BSL and have subtitles – they do not have an audio track.

An Introduction to GWL

Find out more about who we are and what we do in this short introduction to Glasgow Women’s Library.

An In-Depth Introduction to GWL

Learn more about our beginnings as a grassroot counter-cultural organisation and our journey to becoming the only accredited museum dedicated to women’s lives in the UK. Join us in a virtual tour around our building and discover our collections in this in-depth introduction to Glasgow Women’s Library.

An Introduction to Our Collections

Find out how to access our library, museum and archive collections and what you might find as you begin to explore them in this short introduction.

An in-depth introduction to our collections

In this in-depth introduction to our stores, learn about the three main areas of our archive and the range of materials we have in our collections from pussy hats and placards to zines, roller derby helmets and campaign t-shirts.