New Books For You To Borrow

Celestial Bodies – Sayyidat Al-Gamar by Jokha Alharthi


The book was the Winner of the best Omani novel, 2010, Also the winner of the Man Booker International Prize 2019. The first published of the book as sayydat algamar (literal translation “Ladies of the Moon”).




Honouring High Places, The Mountain Life of Junko Tabei by Junko Tabei and Helen Y. Rolfe 


The Honouring High Places is the memoir of Junko’s experience as the first woman who claimed Mountain Everest, the Highest Mountain in the world. The main purpose of the Tabei’s story is offering inspiration and encouragement for people to push themselves in the direction challenging goal.





After-Cave by Michelle Detorie



The book used language that moves over the speaker like weather systems and migratory birds, troubling notions of linear time and traversing the spaces of human-made and “natural” disaster, Detorie in this first book introduces us to the distinction between a state of being and an act of being.




Garments Against Women by Anne Boyer


In the book Anne accounts for a form of life – from of life Kansas city apartment complexes or duplexes with manes like the Kingman or Colonial Gardens from of life a low-rent, cake-backing intellectual parenting a Socratic daughter, from life person whose body reuses to become information or pornography, which are the same.


Being Numerous, Essays on Non- Fascist Life by Natasha Lennard


An urgent challenge to the prevailing moral order from one of the freshest, the most compelling voices in radical politics today.




National Velvet by Enid Bagnold.


The book was based on the childhood dreams of the writer. It is one of that horse lovers of every age cannot fail to enjoy.



The Easternmost House by Juliet Blaxland



The book describes a year of life at the easternmost edge of England in all weathers. It’s a meditation on nature, on coastal erosion, and it evokes the beauty, usefulness and erratic terror the natural world explores how we can best preserve rural ways and livelihoods in rapidly changing times.




The burning Glass , The Life of Naomi Mitchson by Jenni Calder


Naomi Mitchison was a novelist, socialist, feminist and tireless campaigner for sexual freedom. She lived through the entire twentieth century and wrote more than seventy books. Her political activism took her from the Soviet Union to her adopted Botswana as a champion of liberty and equality


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