#WomanOfTheWeek bell hooks

Follow our new campaign called #WomanOfTheWeek. Each week we will focus on a new, important, historical female writer and post about her and her work. We will be highlighting the lives of the well-known, groundbreaking feminist writers, as well as the, sometimes, lesser known female authors. Feel free to contribute! We would love to hear your input as to what female authors you want to learn more about/or perhaps teach us about.

This week’s #WomanOfTheWeek is bell hooks

Pink post with blue, bold writing that reads "Our new #WomanOfTheWeek is the very influential Gloria Jean Watkins also known as bell hooks. One of her most famous works is Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism (1981)."

Pink post with blue, bold writing that reads "The rise of feminism has been particularly founded in academic circles and bell hooks saw a need for an easy-read, accessible guide to feminism outside of this sphere."

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