First Hurrah Fares Well (Book Review)

“Swansong” by Kerry Andrew (Hardback – Jonathan Cape/ Penguin 2018) FICTION 

reviewed by Jay Andrew, Front of House volunteer

I will admit that it was the author’s last name that first  drew me, unused to seeing that which I share, in the hope of an affinity, a connection.

What starts out as a tale of a young woman, Polly Vaughan,  fleeing from what could be a deadly mistake in London to the harsh landscape of Lochaber, Fort William and environs  drifts into what might be Highland noir but ultimately turns out to be something altogether much more mythic and magical.

It took me a while to warm to Polly with her self-pity and reckless behaviour but I was soon rooting for her. It is the tragic and mysterious Jim that will intrigue you though.

Atmospheric and dark but with a rawness and richness of the rugged terrain where it is set, I hope “Swansong” is not that and I look forward to more from the author.

NOTE: Kerry is also a composer and musician. Check out her YouTube channel at


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