What Women Talk About When They Talk About Sex: Podcast #6

This is the sixth in a series of podcasts that share some of the discussion from a group ‘What women talk about when they talk about sex’ that took place at Glasgow Women’s Library during spring and Summer 2015 as part of our Sex in The Women’s Library Season supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Quote from What Women Talk about When They Talk About Sex discussion group participantI remember when I was 16 in 1976 marching along to the GPs in my school uniform and saying I wanted to go on the pill and, I kid you not, I’ve carried it to this day, the GP who was a middle-aged man looked me square in the eye and he said “Do you not understand it’s every man’s right to expect his wife to be a virgin”. And I marvel at my 16 year old self.

The group look at national sex survey findings that show the percentage of women having same sex experience is on the increase whilst there has been no shift in the ratio of men. Why is this? The widening of the sexual repertoire for women is also discussed alongside the pros and cons of porn as a way of women discovering sexual variety and the shifts in women feeling freer to experiment with and talk about sex and to masturbate. The group also explores the links between sex transcendence and spirituality.

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