What Women Talk About When They Talk About Sex: Podcast #4

This is the fourth in a series of podcasts that share some of the discussion from a group ‘What women talk about when they talk about sex’ that took place at Glasgow Women’s Library during Spring and Summer 2015 as part of our Sex in The Women’s Library Season supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Quote from What Women Talk about When They Talk About Sex discussion group participantWhen I am in the Middle East I have a lot more male friends than I do female friends but I’m very open. I constantly talk about my body because they get very uncomfortable. When we were in university, I used to always tell them things about my period and I used to tell them all my sexcapades, I just told them everything and I hope, now they have girlfriends it may affect how they view and how they interact with the women in their life.

The group discusses their bodies, body dysmorphia and which body parts they have come to appreciate. The fraught territory of objectification and sexualisation is debated and how body confidence and body loathing are inculcated.

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